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When Do You Need Garbage Disposal Repair by Experts?

August 02, 2021


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Garbage disposal is a fundamental unit of your kitchen as it can dispose of food waste quickly.  However, it might create some problems in preparing meals and cleaning up afterward. When you use your kitchen garbage regularly, there is a high chance that you'll have to repair the unit at some time because of its regular wear and tear.

Your garbage disposal unit should be well-maintained if you want it to work with optimal working capacity. A simple failure in maintenance can result in significant problems. Luckily, there are some signs which you should notice for prevention. If you find any of the below-listed issues with your unit, it's time to call a reputable plumber for garbage disposal repair services.


Water leakages should be addressed as soon as possible since they can create some bigger problems. If you see water leaking from the disposal bin under the sink area, it’s time to call an expert.

There might be simply a loose seal or a severe problem that you can't handle with DIY things. The water leakage happens due to loose rings around the drain hole, a hole in the disposal case, or some faulty plumber's putty.

Another reason behind the water leakage is the cracks and holes due to the age of the garbage disposal. It might also be because of poor connection at the discharge drainpipe. These all things have to be repaired immediately before they damage more parts. Thus, you need to call an experienced plumber who can repair it smoothly.

Humming Sound

When garbage disposal produces weird, grinding, rattling, or humming sounds, it might be because of clogs or faulty components. The clogged or jam can keep the device from working efficiently.

Each disposal unit is different, so it is essential to schedule a garbage disposal repair service with an expert. Someone with broad experience in handling such disposal systems and who has worked on the same model in the past can help you best.

Slow Draining/No Draining

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Slow drainage is another obvious sign that you need expert help. Slow running drainage may be due to clogged or congested disposal in the drainage line.

If you put wastage food in the unit and it takes a long time to grind completely, you need disposal repair services.  Some clogs are easy to operate, and some need to be addressed quickly.

In case if you have tried flushing the drain with some DIY like vinegar, baking soda, and water, and still it’s the same, you should contact an experienced plumber right away.

Persistent Odor

Disposals are used to grind food particles to make them small enough to pass through the pipes. Thus, it is normal to encounter an odor immediately. Still, if it has a persistent odor even after a frequent cleaning, the machine may require a complete inspection and repair services.

Call an expert to repair the disposal system quickly. Try not to put foods such as fish in the garbage disposal since it has small bones and has a strong odor which can affect the disposal blades and make them dull and ineffective.

Not Making Any Noise

When you turn on the disposal unit, and it doesn't make any noise, it's pretty obvious that it has some issues.

First, you need to check the electrical supply plugs. Make sure it is not unplugged as it can happen easily. Also, try pressing the reset button to see if that resolves the problem.  If none of this works, you need to contact a professional who can decide if you have a damaged switch or any other issue. This may result in installing new disposal or repairing the existing one.

Constant Resets

Every other garbage disposal comes with a reset button. If you’re pushing the reset button only once in a while, there will be no problem. But, if you have to reset it to perform a routine operation, it may be due to a faulty wire, or the disposal is simply getting older and needs a replacement.

Even though you can do this all by yourself, you should not risk it since it involves wiring issues. Thus, make sure you immediately call a professional to check the reset button and wirings and do the needful – be it a simple garbage disposal repair or a replacement.

The disposal is a crucial element of your kitchen. Make sure you maintain your disposal regularly to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

Moreover, now you have understood the first signs that show you need immediate and efficient garbage disposal repair services. Look for a reputable plumber and get in touch with them quickly before a minor repair turns into a huge problem.

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