What To Expect From Custom Duties

What To Expect From Custom Duties

July 18, 2017

What are customs duties? In simpler terms, it's the tax your country imposes when products are shipped from abroad.

For those of you who are accustomed to purchasing overseas products are used this tax.

However, there are few that ask why there is a fee. Or recently when we've done giveaways or worked with influencers that received free promotional products questioned why we charged them when we agreed it was a free giveaway?

I can assure you that companies like us do not take a dime from the customers. When we do giveaways and free samples, we not only lose money in cost of goods but also the shipping.

The charge you are asked for is from your own government and much out of our control.

It's the same concept as going to store and buying a bag of chips that says 99 cents, but end up paying $1.07 because of sales tax, state tax what now based on your country, state, town, etc.

Hope this is able to clarify that as a store, we do not make any money off of the customs duties. 

Best way to find out how much the charge is to look up your country's government website as every country handles this differently.

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