Top 5 Unique Gifts for Dad

Top 5 Unique Gifts for Dad

August 14, 2019

Gifts for dads

Fathers work equally hard and parents being a mom or a dad, they both are the backbone of the family. Father’s day and our dad’s birthdays are 2 best days to pamper them and make them feel extra loved and cared. Buying a gift for a dad can be a bit difficult as he is not going to easily fess up as to what he would like you to buy for him. Hence try spending some time with him and you will get to know what he likes or needs the most. Also, do keep in mind the budget before choosing a gift. I have listed below 5 perfect gifts for your dad which will put a smile on his face.

Mikol Marble Business Cards

marble business cards

Laser engraved business cards are now becoming very popular in the market. Paper business cards end up getting worn out and lost. Hence marble cards stand out and last a long time. They also attract more business clients because of its attractive design and authenticity. Mikol's laser engraved cards are made of the finest quality marble and these cards will be the perfect gift for our father especially if he owns his own business.

Once you have selected your design all you need to provide are the details you need on the card, and Mikol's graphic design crew will take care of the rest. If you browse on their site, Mikol has made it user-friendly. It has many design templates to choose from. Else you can provide them with your template, font design or artwork and they will assist you 100%. The production team will take over once they have received a confirmation from you and once they have gone through the design that you have selected. For Mikol, quality and customer satisfaction are the topmost priority and as world leaders in marble engraved business cards, they do an excellent job. Your father will love this genuine and personalized present so do go ahead.  Check it here.

Coffee Thermos

Coffee beans

If your dad is a coffee lover, this will be the perfect gift you can purchase for him. Everybody loves their coffee hot. There are many thermoses available in the market. All of them differ from their size, quality, and even their functionality. If your dad travels a lot you can purchase a spill-proof thermos. If he likes to drink a lot of coffee, you can get a tumbler size or a big coffee mug size thermos with even a lid and a temperature control setting feature along with it. Thermoses with handles can be a bit bulky to keep inside a bag. Also, do check the insulation time frame and material of the thermos. I would say a stainless steel thermos flask is the best option.

One of the best thermos flask in the market today is from Ember. This is the perfect gift you can get for your father. This thermos is a temperature control flask which can be controlled via an Ember app on your father's smartphone. He can set the temperature and once the desired temperature is reached he will get an alert on his smartphone. It comes with a two-hour charging facility and also a charging coaster for an entire day. Its ceramic coating prevents any scratches on it and you can even handwash this without any problem. You can check more excellent coffee thermoses here.

Foldable BBQ table


If your father loves to cook whenever you all have a family BBQ this present will be the best a dad can get. One of the best foldable grill tables available in the market, Camco surely has done justice with its innovative design and quality.

Made from stainless steel, this foldable grill can be opened and closed easily without any hassle. Once open it has a tabletop, two side shelves to keep all your vessels and grilling pieces of equipment and also hooks if in case you want to hang some spoons or towels. The best part about this table is that it is durable and can withstand pressure and weight. As it is portable and comes with a case, your father can even carry it when going on trips. This is an ideal gift for your father who loves cooking and is the heart of the party.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose noise cancelling headphones

If anytime your father wants to relax after coming from work or after helping out with household chores, Bose QuietComfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best gifs you can purchase for him. These headphones are also Alexa enabled. Hence your dad can listen to not only music but can keep himself entertained listening to the news.

This Bluetooth enabled headset has a battery life of 20 hours. These amazing noise-canceling headphones are so helpful that even in crowded places you will be able to hear your music or make calls without any outside disturbance. Also, these headphones do not cause any distortion and if taken care of well they can last a lifetime. Once your father downloads the Boss Connect App, he will have the world in his hands from adjusting the noise level to sharing music and can switch off from the world and take a good nap. 

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

foot massage

If your father has regular leg discomfort or has to stand for long hours at work or has to walk a lot, this device will be a boon for him. Do check out the charcoal grey foot massager by Miko Shiatsu.

This amazing foot massager massages tired feet using air pressure and heat. You can accordingly set the levels for the massager as per your convenience. This way it increases the blood flow to your tired feet and acts on the pressure points, thus easing the tired nerves in your feet. This device comes with 2 wireless remotes so you can adjust the pressure levels of the massager which are up to 5 levels. By heat getting applied to tired feet and pressure points, it relaxes the feet so well, your father can sit back and sip on a glass of wine or read the newspaper with complete relaxation.


Guest Post by Olivia Moore


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