Picking A Thoughtful Retirement Gift For That Special Employee

Picking A Thoughtful Retirement Gift For That Special Employee

May 31, 2019

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The average retirement age in America is 63, which is considered early, leaving plenty of time for hobbies, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. If you work with a colleague or you’re a manager with an employee who is approaching retirement age, it’s likely they’ve been a part of the business for a long time and retiring is going to be a big deal for them. Getting them a retirement gift can show them that you appreciate their work. A gift that is meaningful is always a good choice, such as something that is engraved, and choosing something that is also functional will make it even more memorable and valued.

Making a financial gift meaningful

Employee gifting

If your colleague is retiring at an earlier than average age or has big plans for side projects or hobbies that they want to start or they plan to do some traveling, a financial gift can be happily welcomed. Colleagues may want to put some money in a pot towards a retirement present, which can then be used to get gift vouchers, such as for stores related to their hobby, hotel chains or a clothes shop where they can get their vacation outfits. Alternatively, if you’re a manager you could give your retiring employee a financial bonus in their last paycheck as a thank you for their hard work over the years. A financial gift can be very meaningful if you’re giving it because you know that’s what the person will appreciate as it enables them to fulfill some of their retirement wishes.

Unique jewelry gifts

Natural stone beaded bracelets are believed to have different energies and meanings, depending on the stone. For example, a Laguna blue stone is the stone of logic, communication, and truth.

Choosing a bracelet made from stones that suit the person or has energy that can help them with things like insomnia shows that you have put a lot of thought into their retirement gift. Dog tag necklaces can also make unique gifts, depending on the materials used to make them, and are perfect for engraving a thoughtful message that they can keep on them at all times.

Engraved wine or beer glass

Wine gifts

A wine or beer glass with an engraved message on for your favorite retiring colleague who loves a drink is a perfect gift that lets them know it’s okay to start relaxing and enjoying life a little more. For spirit drinkers, any appropriately shaped and styled glass makes a great gift too. Of course, you should combine it with a bottle or case of their favorite drink to get them started. For non-drinkers, a personalized mug that has photos on, such as from the work’s Christmas party, and a message printed on it makes a great substitute. Combine it with different types of coffee, syrups, and teas, whichever they'll appreciate the most.

Retirement gifts for a jet setter

63% of Americans want to travel once they retire. If you know that your colleague already has their traveling funds in order you can get them a gift that can be used on their travels instead. The Mikol roam marble luggage tag is something that will be useful, as well as being meaningful by showing that you’ve thought about their plans. While it’s a small gift, it’s high-quality and unique, helping them to put some stylish flair on their luggage.

Marble luggage tag

This could be combined with other travel-related gifts, such as a waterproof phone case, travel pillow, and a translation book for the country they’re visiting.

A hamper of all their favorite things

Hampers make a good retirement present because you can make them up yourself for a fully customized gift. Foodies will love a hamper packed with different snacks and spices from around the world, those with a sweet tooth will enjoy sugary candy treats and chocolates, while tech-minded people will love things like a laptop, tablet, or phone case, wireless chargers, and a power bank. If they have a food allergy or a specific diet you can fill it with appropriate treats that they may not usually get for themselves or cater to a hobby that they have and plan to do during their retirement.

Fitness-related gifts

Many people coming up to retirement vow to start taking their health and fitness more seriously now that they’ll have more time and are getting older. This makes fitness-related gifts a perfect option. Fitness trackers are more affordable than ever and can be used by retirees who plan to swim, walk, run, or use the gym more often. Similarly, some running shoes, a reusable water bottle that keeps drinks cold, and a yoga mat are all motivating and thoughtful gifts. A gym membership for your colleague's local gym can help them to reach their fitness goals too and you could look into arranging some personal training sessions for them to get them kickstarted.

The gift of an experience

Experience days are becoming popular gifts as more people are enjoying getting out and doing new things. Experiences can be picked to suit the retiree, from a vineyard tour with wine tasting to flying lessons or an indoor skydive for adrenaline-seeking people who will be forever young. Experiences can involve their significant other, family or friends, so make sure to get them enough tickets so that they don’t have to put their own money towards it. Another great experience gift is arranging an activity where you can all meet up with your colleague again to see how they’re getting on, such as in the form of a murder mystery evening or escape room.

It can be difficult to choose the perfect retirement present for someone when you think about all the time they’re going to have to do whatever they want while you’re still working 40 hours a week. They’ve already got a great gift just by retiring but think about their hobbies, traits, and what they want to do with their time and pick a gift based on that to make it a memorable gift that is perfect for them.

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