New iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Update

New iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Update

September 18, 2018

iPhone Xs

As the verge says " Apple has gone from being an iPhone company to being an iPhone X company".  This year Apple is introducing the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as well as a midrange iPhone XR.

The two iPhone XS models are 5.8-inch XS and the new iPhone XS Max, which has a much larger 6.5-inch display.

Both iPhone XS models have a spec-bumped update to the iPhone X. They have a new main camera sensor, a new processor, and a bunch of small updates that add up to a much nicer device than the X. 

There is still a dual-camera set up with a 12MP telephoto sensor and a 12MP wide-angle sensor, but that wide-angle primary sensor is much larger than the iPhone X. Specifically, they’re bigger by 1.4µm pixels and deeper by 3.5µm pixels. There are twice as many focus pixels for better autofocus according to Apple.

Apple also improved the software powering of the camera on the iPhone XS. The company introduced a Smart HDR feature which uses the new A12 Bionic chip to enhance photos. The new iPhone XS takes multiple shots with different contrast levels and zero shutter lag to create the best possible shot.

And because of that, many compare it to Google's Pixel 2 with HDR+.

With Apple unveiling their new features and sizes, our team at MIKOL have also made some new updates.

Wellness Stones For The iPhone XS

Amethyst Iphone Case

We wanted to focus more on the wellness stones such as the Amethyst iPhone case above. 

Pink Rose Quartz iPhone XS Case

Pink Rose quartz iPhone X case has been a super hot seller than we ran out!  This year, we will add a slight amount more to our production, but still in limited quantities.

Laguna Blue iPhone Case

Certainly, we can't leave out the chill laguna blue iPhone X case. Its mystical blue has been a great eye-catching feature for many of our customers.

In the recent years, there has been an upsurge in popularity of wellness stones or crystal healing methods from a spiritual standpoint.  Since mobile phones are items we carry around with us every day, we wanted to use this opportunity to create a wellness program. An iPhone case that infuses these crystal gems to balance out the negative energy in your life.

Leather Finish Marble iPhone XS Case

Leather Finish iPhone X Case

We wanted to spice up the marble features a little this year by introducing leathered finish marble pieces on the new iPhone XS cases. The touch is still smooth, but you will feel a 3D touch to it.  Every grain of the marble evolves and reacts differently, which gives off these unique textures that is one of a kind.

Leather Finish Nero Gold Iphone XS case

Are you ready for the new iPhone XS models? Which piece of stone would you match best with your personality?

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