Moving During The Holiday Season: 5 Moving Away Gifts For Family And Friends

Moving During The Holiday Season: 5 Moving Away Gifts For Family And Friends

January 21, 2022

Moving to a new home during the holiday season can be both sad and exciting. It can be fun and exciting knowing you have more time off from work to pack and kids are on school break. However, it can also be a sad time because you’re going to leave your family, friends, and neighbors behind during one of the best seasons of the year - Christmas. While saying goodbye to these people can be the hardest part of the relocation, you can make this process less frustrating to them by giving a gift that reminds them of your cherished friendship. 


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If you’re moving during the holiday season, below are the 5 moving away gifts you can give that’ll celebrate the good times you had with your loved ones together:

  • Photo Album Full Of Memories 

  • If you want a more personalized gift for the people you’re going to leave behind, a photo album of memories can be an excellent option. This type of gift doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. Instead of wandering around the malls to find the perfect gifts, all you need to do is buy photo albums, fill them in with pictures of you and your family or friends together. 

    For example, you can add those photos you’ve taken from your past vacation, parties, and other related events. By doing this, they don’t have to miss you big time because they can flip through the photo albums and reminisce about those happy times together over again during Christmas and other yearly celebrations. 

    To add more creativity to your photo album, you can also edit your pictures online for free before printing them. You can create a blending effect on your photos using a fade photo editor of pixelied to make them unique and aesthetic.

  • Special Item From Your New Hometown

  • If you want to gift something that’s unique, you may want to consider a special item from your new hometown. While this gift idea can be a bit unspecific, it can still be a good option as it allows you to explore your new hometown and get to know it better. Not only that but it can also help you stay connected with them as well as give them a sense of the place where you live. 

    For instance, you may visit and explore your new location to look for distinct gifts while working with professionals who offer a moving and storage service for people like you. As they handle the moving tasks for you, you can wander around and discover some specialty items in your new place such as baked goods, seasoning, and many more. You can give these special items to your family and friends when you’re moving during Christmas. That way, you’ll both have Christmas and moving away presents for the people you’re going to leave behind. 

  • Friendship Bracelets 

  • While you may find these gifts a bit corny, they can still be an excellent moving away gift idea during the holiday season. Typically, a simple yet fashionable friendship bracelet can show them how much you value the moments you have with your family and friends. Every time they look at the bracelet, they’ll be reminded of you and your happy moments together. This can be one of the best ways to make them feel that you’re still there for them despite living away from one another. 


    Lastly, by gifting your loved ones with friendship bracelets during a December move, Christmas will not be that sad to celebrate. 

  • Gift Cards 

  • If you don’t have enough time to think about the moving away gifts to give your loved ones, gift cards will do. Although they may not be the most creative presents, they’ll always be appreciated. Also, when you give gift cards, you allow your recipients to choose whatever they want. 

    Instead of stressing yourself out as to the specifics of your presents, you can always rely on gift cards as an alternative since they’re small, handy, and easy to obtain. Your loved ones will surely love them, especially during this holiday season. 

  • Personalized Mug 

  • Another excellent moving away gift idea for those you’ll leave behind after the relocation is a personalized mug. Whether your loved ones are coffee or tea drinkers, this gift can be a reminder of the friendship you’ve built with them for years. 

    For example, you can give them a unique mug with their name or your name on it, the city where you’re relocating, or a photo of you two together. Not only that but you can also make a gift set wherein you can add some instant coffee packs, tea bags, or a coffee shop gift card to your personalized mug. And while you’re busy making your gift sets, you can always hire professionals like NYC Movers to help you with the moving process. 

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    Bottom Line 

    Moving during December may not be a happy experience. But, with the moving away gift ideas mentioned above, your holiday relocation will be as cheerful as it should be. So, don’t let the transition affect your Christmas by gifting your loved ones with items that’ll be a sparky reminder of each other. 


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    Mary Berger

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