#Mikol Life - 6 of our top island destinations in the world

December 06, 2016


At MIKOL, we really appreciate and enjoy what nature has to offer us. Majority of our products are based on the natural characteristics of marble and built around that beauty.

We love luxury and fancy places, but it doesn't mean you need to overspend for that. And sometimes when a bunch clever marketing, overblown hype and crowd infested wallet grabbers build it up, the place loses its real shimmer.  But everyone is different! No judging!

We believe true beauty isn’t defined by the amount of extravagance and amenities that blow your mind.  True beauty is a feeling, an emotional connection you feel with the place, product, or environment.  That beauty should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but also alive in you!  It's beyond what words can describe!

 It's those moments you find when you come across a really cool product that you can't wait to share with your friends and family.  Or that experience you had on a trip that was so exhilarating, you couldn't wait to get back and encourage everyone to go because it was so life changing! Sharing the experience, whatever the experience is. It’s just something pictures and videos can’t ever capture, no matter how high-definition the quality. Here’s a list of 6 exotic, thought-blanking islands that haven't been stampeded to death by heavy foot traffic.


1. Bora Bora

A celebrity destination that frees your spirit, relaxing on bungalows that sit just above the clear-as-a-pool water ocean. Water that’s bright as the sun shines, and the tropical islands that surround you leave your jaw open. That moment of disbelief that you are in paradise. Seeing mountains far as the eye can see. Luscious lagoons everywhere you turn…and the sands on beaches that are so white you just can’t believe this was naturally created.

There won't be any sleeping in, because you are body and mind is filled with excitement. Each morning you awake, you feel energized, happy that you are in such a heavenly place. Not to mention the fact that Bora Bora belongs to French Polynesia, in the Pacific Ocean. And, best of all – the place is shaped like a sombrero! 

2. Bloody Islands

Iles Sanguinaires is an island near Ajaccio, France. Famous for its sprawl-across-the-sky purple sunsets, which always inspire both sea and sky to bleed… Illes Sanguinaires sets volcanic rocks aglow during these ravenous, remember-forever sunsets.

Aside from the gorgeous environment, this place is a stone’s throw away the headland at Pointe de la Parata (often called ‘one of France’s grand sites’).

One of the best part, is that you get to walk around the entire island as a tour. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. Wander around far enough and you’ll reach Petit Capo beach – a part of Corsica, littered with beautiful multi-colored seas. Plus, it has a beach bar. CNN.com lists it as one of the “gorgeous Mediterranean islands you’ve never heard of.

3. Flores Island

This is a very special island that is filled with all sorts of wildflowers that cover its land. The word "flores" means flower in Portuguese.  A flower island that's paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.

Most of the food comes right from the ocean (which is pure as can be – and certainly healthier to eat marine life from than American/Canadian waters). Bluefish bream, snapper, amberjack, conger eels, mackerel, and much more.

4. Saipan

Saipan is actually an island that’s a part of America. The island is located in Micronesia (which is north of Guam, south of Japan, east of the Philippines, and west of Hawaii), and not many people know about it. Much less is known about its complicated history after WWII.

Do you enjoy a bit of free-spirit dancing with your drinks and celebrations? There’s a yearly Flame Tree Festival you can celebrate. Earth-lovers can lose themselves in Saipan’s “flame trees” – which bloom fire-bright orange in the Spring. If you’re bold and daring you can go for a sweat-dripping hike up the cliff charmingly named the “Suicidal Cliff…” or you can explore the Bird Island or…the Forbidden Island. (Wonder why they called it that…?)

5. Palau

Palau has several small little islands to hop around in one day and enjoy the warm water, and beautiful nature.  Due to the outer reef structure, currents, tidal conditions, and magnificent walls, Palau accommodates both beginner and advanced divers, depending on where you go. Try swimming with wild sharks, mantas and fish waiting regardless of who you dive with

Up until now, those islands were less touristy than mainstream islands that have been trampled to death. Now there are a few islands even rarer, less packed, but those seem to be more for the locals.  Wifi is not very good on this island, which in a way is good for most of us to unplug and really relax.


6. Culebra

Puerto Rico’s best-kept secret, Culebra plays home to thousands of national wildlife… and crazy parties, camps, and dancing along the gorgeous hot-white sands.

The bar you need to check out is Mamacita’s, where the blender never stops, and the cast of characters is something out of a Kerouac novel. Have some rum and let yourself loose – you’d be among great company here. And when the nightlife (that only locals know about) tires you out, the amount of 3-star and 5-star hotels are more than roomy enough for you to refuel your batteries.

Even the hotel above Mamacita’s bar… the windows are soundproof! The party is that loud and roaring, ripe for crazy people to off their souls and put the pedal to the metal and LIVE!

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