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Layering Rugs: Hottest Trend in Interior Design

March 16, 2020

living room design

When we think of rugs, many of us associate them with the feelings of coziness and warmth. Decor essentials for creating welcoming and inviting interiors, rugs represent important elements in the interior design world. From adding depth and dimension to a room to anchoring it and acting as the element that ties the room together, there’s no doubt that rugs are irreplaceable design tools. That is why design enthusiasts are introducing more than one rug into their rooms and layering them in order to express their creativity and make their interiors even more comfortable and inviting. Eager to try this hot trend yourself? Read on for six different techniques for achieving the layered rug look.


Spruce up your wall-to-wall carpet with an extra layer

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Looking for a way to freshen up your wall-to-wall carpet? Try layering an area rug on top of it! Since most wall-to-wall carpets are dyed in neutral tones, it gives you the freedom to experiment and be creative without restricting your choice of the area rug. First, find a spot where you’d like to layer an area rug. Usually, the area rugs are placed under the furnishings, couches, and sofas to create ‘zones’ and add a sophisticated flair to a room. Next, you’ll need to consider color texturing. The rug you get has to create contrast when placed on top. If your carpet is beige, go for an area rug that has a combination of darker hues on it. Similarly, if the texture of the carpet is soft (e.g. wool), you should get sisal or flat weave rug to create a contrast with the help of texture.

Mix rugs of different shapes

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Rugs don’t always have to be rectangular in order to be layered – you can also have fun layering rugs of different shapes. You can add a square rug on top of another square rug, layer two round rugs, or add a round rug to a plain rectangular rug or carpet. Moreover, you can create an interesting visual effect by layering an irregularly shaped rug such as a cowhide rug on top of a rectangular base. Because they’re so timeless and classic, cowhide rugs are perfect for introducing some dynamic into a living space and look intriguing when framed with a neutral base such as a jute or sisal rug. Finally, injecting a pop of color with a colorful rug can be a great way to add visual interest to a room and create a cheerful, vivacious combination that can help break the monotony.

Play with textures

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You don’t necessarily have to introduce rugs of different shapes and colors in order to make your living space more interesting to the eye. A similar effect can be achieved by cleverly mixing different textures. For instance, you can use a natural-fiber style rug as a base, such as a natural jute rug onto which you can layer a fluffier, shaggier rug. The clashing textures will make the room feel more sophisticated and exquisite, and the jute rug made from hand-woven fibers will act as an effective organic home decor piece. You can also use your natural rug as a base for a white cowhide rug or a rug with a darker color palette, but if you feel like injecting some color into your combination, go for a colorful round rug.

Layer pattern on pattern

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For the ultimate design statement, consider placing a patterned rug over another one. A great way to add a worldly flair to a room, mixing patterns has been an interior design trend for quite some time, and the rules are simple. You don’t want to just randomly pick patterned rugs, layer them and call it a day. You want to take some time to find two patterns that work together. You can either use two rugs that share a color palette but differ in patterns or use one neutral patterned rug (e.g. a beige Moroccan rug) as a base and add a bright and loud patterned rug on top (e.g. a burnt orange Turkish kilim rug). While it may seem tricky, if you manage to do it right, the end result can be pretty amazing.

Go bold and mix different styles

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If you thought that layering pattern on pattern is bold then you haven’t seen how powerful two different style rugs can look when paired together. The layered rug look is a trend that can be implemented in a variety of different design styles, with modern and eclectic living spaces presenting the perfect places for experimenting with the trend. In these spaces, you can rely on rugs to emphasize your decor approach. For instance, an oriental rug paired with a contemporary base will act as the perfect oriental decor piece in a room, while a Persian rug layered on top of a rug with black and white stripes can make a powerful statement when supported with the corresponding decor elements and furnishings. The only rule that you need to follow when mixing different styles is to select two rugs that are bold in their own individual ways.

Use multiple rugs to create a stunning patchwork

If you tend to lean towards a more Bohemian style, you might like this rug layering technique. Instead of layering an area rug on top of a bigger rug or carpet, you want to create a patchwork using multiple different flat weave rugs. Layer them so that their ends are overlapping, and pay attention to their colors. You should stay within a restricted color palette consisting of few colors, and you also want to make sure that the size of the patterns is somewhat similar. This will create a sense of cohesiveness in a seemingly chaotic, eclectic combination. The patchwork can be a great solution for smaller spaces where the patterns are going to be even more accentuated. Nevertheless, if your room is bigger, patchwork can also be a great idea if you’re going for a lived-in, warm look. Worried about the rugs moving around? Keep them in place with the help of a rug pad – problem solved!


An effective way to make a style statement and take your living space to another level, layering rugs can be a shortcut to giving your home a makeover without necessarily making any major changes. While it may seem easy, it’s more complex than just rolling out a rug and adding one on top of it. Rely on this guide to master the art of creating a layered rug look and transform your living space into a perfectly warm and cozy oasis.


 Guest Post by Lana Hawkins

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