Giving A Loved One A Gift Full Of Meaning

Giving A Loved One A Gift Full Of Meaning

October 05, 2020

Americans spend around $15 billion on unwanted gifts, with around 61% of adults admitting that they receive at least one unwanted gift over the holidays - as reported by Finder. The one aspect that many of these discarded items have in common is that they simply lack meaning for the recipient. If a special birthday or occasion is coming up and you want to make it truly memorable for someone you love, what steps can you take to boost the value of the gift-giving experience?
Experiences Make Ideal Gifts, Say Scientists
Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that giving loved ones an experience is a particularly powerful way to foster stronger, more meaningful relationships. “The reason experiential gifts are more socially connecting is that they tend to be more emotionally evocative,” says study author Cindy Chan. When you go with a loved one to see their favorite musician perform live, you take a trek across a snowy mountain, or you go on a ski trip for the first time, the reactions of the recipient are more emotional than when you give them something they are expecting. Moreover, as you can enjoy an experience together, this type of gift can also help build memories for both of you to cherish.
Using Symbolism To Send A Message
Symbolism in gifts like flowers, artwork and gems have always been a meaningful way to let someone know how much they mean to you. All these presents have the ability to represent deep emotions such as love, trust, positivism and courage. For instance, when you are giving flowers to a friend, yellow roses are often selected because they represent platonic union. Gems also symbolize different qualities. Lepidolite, for instance, is often used to help reduce stress and depression; amethyst is used to alleviate headaches; jade, meanwhile, symbolizes mood. If your loved one is into jewelry and gems, then giving them a gift that addresses an important aspect of their life is a fantastic way to give a gift with greater depth and purpose. If your friend is an aesthete who enjoys the finer things in life, meanwhile, then unique items by Mikol such as phone cases, business cards, or ring grips in luxury materials like marble can really hit the spot.
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Discovering Your Loved One’s Deepest Desires And Needs
Many would say that the most meaningful gift is one that you have taken time and effort to give. It should match the recipient’s idea of happiness, not your own. For instance, if your friend is a nature lover and likes nothing more than a day out hiking, why not prepare a picnic lunch and take them to a particularly stunning mountain area? If they are into flying, why not organize a helicopter ride over a scenic part of the city you live in? If they love books, why not research until you find a signed first edition of a book that was life-changing for them? 
The perfect and most meaningful gift is ultimately one that reaches deep into the heart and soul of the recipient. For some, flowers and jewelry are the ultimate symbolic treat. For others, a wild adventure with a loved one is what it is all about. For other people, the best gift in the world can simply be their loved one taking a day off to be with them Netflixing and chilling. The most meaningful gift is one that results from you taking the time and effort to discover.

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