Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers - Inspire Their Next Adventure

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers - Inspire Their Next Adventure

December 23, 2019

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers - Inspire Their Next Adventure

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As each holiday season draws nearer, a lot of stress is caused by the eternal “what can I get for so and so that they don’t have already?”. Let’s admit it – some people are just notoriously difficult to shop for, and any ideas are welcome ideas.

For me, these people are my travel addicted friends. There’s nothing I can get them they don’t either have or can buy on their next trip, which makes local shopping that much more difficult.

So this year, to save myself the trouble, I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas I hope travel lovers will love to find under their trees. Take a look at what I’ve come up with, and let me know if you have anything else to add.

A wireless charger

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I feel you can never have enough of these – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, a wireless charger can certainly come in handy. We’ve all gone through the hassle of trying to find a plug socket on the train, in a restaurant, even in museums. So why not skip the trouble and just carry an incredibly stylish one with you, that will not only be there to charge all your batteries, but will also be a great accessory.

Luggage tags

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These also come in handy, but trying to find something that is both unique and durable can be a bit of a challenge. This luggage tag, on the other hand, will definitely help your luggage stand out anywhere, and it also won’t get ruined by the tossing and turning of your bags in transport. Easy to personalize and easy to recognize, a great addition to any travel lover’s arsenal.

Minimalist wallet

Carrara marble wallet

What I personally find particularly challenging when traveling is keeping my cards somewhere safe  – but also not sitting on them or accidentally snapping them in half. This minimalist wallet is a great way to keep credit and other cards (like travel cards, or even your ID) safe in the smallest of pockets, without them getting scattered everywhere. A very chic accessory to accompany anyone on their travels!

A travel journal or diary

travel journal

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I often find that people use only photos to remember a trip by, but end up taking so many they can’t tie one image to a particular feeling or smell or sound. With a travel journal, or a travel diary, you can easily jot down you memories, thoughts, feelings and everything you want to remember about a trip, and instantly immortalize it forever.

Notebook Journal

Add the images to that, and you have a unique way to remember every adventure for the rest of your life. You can either go for a blank journal where you can write down your own thoughts, or buy a ready-made travel journal that can help you both plan and remember a trip.

A travel pillow

As someone who can’t sleep a wink on airplane/hotel/any-pillow-other-than-mine, I would find this an excellent gift. Having a comfy place to rest your head, which can also be deflated or packed down super small, is a great item to have on you. You’ll be happy to have it when backpacking or traveling a lot by local busses or trains, especially in Asia or South America. Get your friend one of these, toss in a sleeping mask and some earplugs, and they should be all set to rest comfortably while they get from one place to another.

A Swiss army knife

swiss army knife

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For the backpackers and adventure junkies out there, this can be an incredible gift. It will increase their overall safety and readiness manifold, and they will be thankful they had one on them in an emergency. You can pick a knife with all kinds of different handy tools, so depending on the traveler, personalize it as much as you need to.

A stand-up paddleboard

Sticking to our adventurer friends, a stand-up paddleboard can be a great gift, one they can take with them even to a local body of water, or one that can accompany them on their globetrotting journeys. It’s a great way to stay fit at home or out on the road, and having it will mean there are fewer excuses to not have a go on the water.

A set of in-flight essentials 


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Those who fly a lot know how difficult it can be to track down a travel size of everything you want to have with you during a flight, so if you can put together the ultimate in-flight kit, your friends will certainly appreciate it. Think about all the things you yourself use during a flight, and consider their preferences as well. Think in terms of skincare, something to help pass the time, and something to remember you by as well.

A scrapbook

In line with the travel diary, a scrapbook can be a great way to store your travel memorabilia, images and other items, like tickets, stubs, menus, etc. Find a scrapbook that your friend would appreciate, and add to it all the scrapbooking essentials, pens, scissors, tape, and so on. Try to stick to a theme, as opposed to getting everything in every possible color.

Reusable straws


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A great gift if you’re trying to be green and practical at the same time, these straws can be used with anything from coffees to bottles of water, and they’re a great way to cut down on our carbon footprint. They often come with cleaners and their own pouches, so they can be taken anywhere and come in handy when you need them most.

Packing cubes

Another travel essential for those who would like to fit as many items into as little space as possible, travel cubes can be a lifesaver. While they may not seem like much, in reality, they’re an amazing way to save space in a backpack or suitcase. They also keep your things separated from each other, so shampoo disasters are less likely to happen.

Final thoughts

I hope this list will make your shopping just a tad easier – and that your friends will be excited to see some of these gifts under their trees this season.


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