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Fancy a Walk on the Wild Side? Tips for Visiting the Great Australian Outback

March 29, 2022


Draw an imaginary line starting at Adelaide and moving 200 km inland around the east coast to Cairns — everything west and north of that is The Outback. 

For anyone seeking an escape from the noise of 21st-century living, The Outback has this in abundance, plus an edge that some prettier and more densely populated areas don’t offer.

How do we know this as Americans? Well it just happens that the beautiful stone quarry of Verde Fuoco is from Adelaide (Outside the city).  The other beautiful large white crystal stone is from Cairns which we still work with.  And we must say, these two areas are beautiful! No wonder they can produce such great materials.

It is unique, geographically and geologically fascinating, and populated in places by a diverse mix of interesting people. But if you're planning a holiday there, it's also no joke. 

The harsh desert environment can be fatal. Follow these tips to ensure your vacation on the wild side is a safe one, too. 


The Essential Kit List for Outback Travel

The right kit will ensure that your holiday is a success, whether you're going on this trip for survival adventures or self-care.


It's crucial to equip yourself with adequate and reliable communications equipment. If something happens, such as an injury, you don't want to get stuck out with no way to call for help.

Companies like Moonraker sell a full range of radio equipment. Radio is an excellent way to stay in touch, particularly as mobile phone coverage can be very sparse.


The most suitable clothing depends on when you are traveling. It can get very cold. Layers are the way to go to cope with quite sudden temperature changes. The Outback can also be very hot depending on where you are, so do your research.

What they say about a broad-brimmed hat is all true. You will need one whether it's summer or winter. But you don’t need a designer brand that would make Crocodile Dundee proud and probably with a matching price tag – any broad-brimmed hat will do.

The other essential headgear is a beanie. It doesn't have to just be for keeping your head warm, either. If you go to Alice Springs in June, you can visit the biggest Beanie Festival in the world.

Camping Equipment

You will have all your cooking accessories as part of your camping kit, but it is worth having some items that stay in the vehicle that you can use when taking a break.

Kettles are amazingly useful for long drives when you don’t want to have to unpack all your cooking gear. There are also cabin ovens, toasters, and coffee makers that you can purchase from outdoor gear stores.

What’s the Real Deal in The Outback?

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One of the most succinct and practical descriptions of The Outback comes from the former Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable and late Tim Fischer.

A former Army officer in Vietnam and past Chairman of ‘Tourism Australia,’ Tim was qualified to comment on this most unique of locations. He considered the “backcountry” a sparsely populated place with awful mobile coverage, where “a batch of flies” would consume the visitor's food and “locusts will hitch a free ride” in the car radiator.

It's not exactly a glowing endorsement. However, if you want to escape from modern 24/7 21st life and test your survivalist skills, The Outback does fit the bill. 


The Australian Outback is a big and varied place. A holiday here is not for the faint-hearted, but if you trek out into the wilderness, you'll see sights that go well beyond that typical tourist destinations.  

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