Cleaning Hacks For Your Stylish Living Place

Cleaning Hacks For Your Stylish Living Place

July 30, 2019

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Minimalism has changed the style for the Millennial generation. If you’re keeping up with the trends, your home is likely thoughtful and tidy. You’ve spent hours planning each meticulous detail. From the decor on the walls to the functional objects like furniture and entertainment devices, your space has been perfectly knit together by you and for you. However, the work is not done once you’ve put your home together. You still need to keep it clean. We’ve come up with four cleaning hacks to help you keep your purposeful place exactly how you want it.

Make Organization Stylish

You have plenty of objects that are used each and every day. These objects, such as glasses and keys, are used so often that they may not have a permanent home in your space. You don’t want to leave them sitting on a surface while you’re home, however, as this adds unnecessary clutter. Consider creating a beautiful space for your floating objects while they are not in use. There are many ways to solve this problem with style. One great home for these small things is a glass dish, or better yet, a marble wall magnet. These magnets beautify your walls and hold small metal objects, such as glasses or keys, as well. Or simple minimalistic wood & marble trays are easy to keep your space organized.

Hide Your Cords

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Our society is becoming more digital every day. Your home is likely filled with cords because they are necessary for charging your devices, but they can be a significant source of clutter as well. Cords crossing the floor or laying in a tangle in a corner are not much of a relaxing sight. Consider finding a sneaky or stylish way to hide or disguise cords in your living place.


Use Natural Cleaning Products

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Aside from styling your home, you will need to focus on cleaning your space as well. To protect your belongings and the air that you breathe in, you may want to use natural cleaning products. For example, you can make your own vinegar solution to clean glass and other hard surfaces. To make this mixture, fill a spray bottle half full of water and half full of vinegar. Then, squeeze the juice from half of one lemon into the bottle as well. This is better for you as it doesn't affect air quality, and it's better to spray on your belongings than harsh chemicals.

Protect Your Surfaces

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In your space, your surfaces are likely pieces that you put thought into. They are also likely to attract messes as you set food and beverages on them. You will want to protect your surfaces from water rings and stains by using coasters and trays. You may want to consider added stylish, marble surface protectors to your collection of functional belongings.

If you are wanting to keep your stylish home a place filled with relaxation and an overall tidy feel, remember to put these cleaning hacks to use. Use stylish organization, hide your cords, protect your surfaces, and clean with natural products. By following these four tips, your stylish living place will stay just as nice as you’ve created it to be.


Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

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