Best Personalized Gift Ideas for 2021

January 11, 2021

Gift shopping is all about being thoughtful and finding the perfect item for every loved one. So, the more personal you go, the better. From portraits to monograms and inside jokes, your options are endless. 


As long as you keep the receiver in mind and make it unique, you're doing it right. No matter whether you're looking for the ideal gift for your significant other, best friend, or parent, why not brighten up the beginning of 2021 by going all out? 


Let's explore ways to find the one item your dear one will love and share some best unique ideas.

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Choosing the Perfect Gift

The focus here is personalization, but you have to start somewhere. Picking the item for customization right is essential to getting the full package right. 


After all, even if a T-shirt had your favorite thing in the world printed on it, it means nothing if you don't wear casual clothing. Take these steps to ensure you're nailing the choice every time. 

Consider the Receiver

It's easy to get caught up in the idea of a perfect gift, forgetting about the person at the receiving end. HuffPost suggests that you start by creating a list of your loved one's vital traits. Think about what inspires them, what defines their identity, and what they enjoy. 


Then, try to come up with an object that matches every item on your list. Most of the ideas will be hits and misses, but you might arrive at a fantastic idea, too. 

Consider Their Situation

The best gifts come from thinking about a person and what's been going on in their life. 

If they've been feeling down lately, maybe try to kickstart their mood by booking tickets for an exciting event? If they went through a significant life event, perhaps find a way to capture it. They're sure to appreciate it.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Most people idly mention things they want in conversations. So, if you're looking to make the gift a total surprise, don't ask, but listen and pay attention. Social media is another excellent source of inspiration, and if they post regularly, it could be your best bet.  

That way, you can enjoy the astonished 'how did you know?' look on their face once they open the package and see what's inside. 

Think of the Message

Finally, remember that presents are communication acts. Consider the message you want to deliver. Then, as you're browsing the isles, make the thought the central part of the gift-receiving experience.

Inspiration Station

With the basics down, let's look at some unique gift ideas to inspire your holiday search.

For Parents

If your mom and dad are older, why not take them down memory lane, reminding them of your childhood and their glory days? 


Alternatively, you could boost the sense of family connection by getting each member a matching set of cozy items. Some ideas include:


  • A framed collage of family photos throughout the years
  • Matching Christmas sweaters to wear every next holiday
  • Holiday mugs with personalized messages
  • The warmest slippers you could find in their favorite colors
  • A calendar with each month representing a significant family event


If you're not of the sentimental kind, go practical. Buy your parents something that'll make their life around the house more comfortable. 


It doesn't have to feel cold, either. Add an inscription with your name to remind them of your care and love every next time they use the appliance, for example.

For Friends

Just like with family, presents for friends are the best when they bring you back to a time well-spent together. Luckily, it's easy for the Instagram generation to create such gifts. 


As Facetune's guide for taking group selfies with friends discusses, random incidents sometimes create the funniest, most relatable shots that'll make your buddies smile every time they see them. You could print them on mugs, shirts, or go for the collage idea again, one for each friend.


If your friends aren’t big on pics, think about the latest thing they obsessed over. You could: 

  • Put it on a T-shirt
  • Imprint it on pins
  • Print out a poster


As long as it works for their lifestyle, they'll love it. 



For Your Significant Other

Your partner is the person you know best, making the gift potential endless. There's not much advice you can get that you haven't seen a thousand times before. Some options include:


  • Matching items of clothing
  • Comfort items
  • Photos and video collages
  • Personalized jewelry
  • Gift boxes


What you give to a significant other should revolve around making them feel known and loved. 


Not Feeling Creative?

If all these ideas seem enticing, but you can't find the time or the energy to do the necessary work, you can still make your gift stand out from the bunch. Creating personalized wrapping paper takes minutes, for example, and the other person isn't likely to throw it away any time soon. 


Alternatively, buy an item that you know a person will like, even if it's store-bought. Add some character to the mix by coming up with a personalized greeting card or a note to top it off. 


If time's too tight even for that, purchase the person's favorite candy or snack in large amounts for a comical yet heart-warming effect.

Final Thoughts

In the end, while it could take a bit longer to find and personalize your gift to perfection, it's the ideal way to transfer a clear message full of love to your dearest ones. They'll look at the present fondly and think of you for years to come. 


Take these ideas and work with them until each loved one grins with gratitude after unwrapping the box.

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