7 small details that catch people's attention

February 15, 2016

Strange fashion
Who says we need to go the extreme to stand out!?
We live in a very busy world with so much information that our brains have evolved and are able to weed out the noise and only focus on the refined information important to us.
When it comes to noticing a person, their fashion, their "aura", and so on, the same rules apply.  It essentially comes down to the details and what is truly important or what stands out in a subtle way where others will still notice but know you are not trying too hard.
Being well groomed with a nice smile which is important as mentioned in our previous article of how to be more likeable.
Aside from a clean suit, what makes you different with thousands of others with a nice suit on in the financial district of San Francisco will be the little details.  
We will skip over watches although they are very important, but can also be very costly.
Other items that are more affordable such as a pocket square.  The contrast in colors really catches the attention especially when you are in a crowd with hundreds of others dressed the same.
Pocket Square
Taking the next few steps when you are in a boardroom meeting, people use to fancy having a Mont blanc pen.  These days quite a few executives all share the same pen now, so what do you do?
How about a nice tie clip or cufflinks? There are plenty of designs to choose from that you can easily be noticed.
marble tie clip
If you have an even more personal meeting, why not try with socks?
marble fashion with socks
Lovely ways that won't cost you a fortune, but allows you to stand out from the crowd and be complimented in having a sense of style.  But all you really are doing is being different from the crowd.
If all this doesn't work for you, then maybe the flamed red hair is the extreme you were looking for.

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