3 Main Reasons Why Marble Designs For Smartphones Are So Desirable Right Now

January 15, 2016

3 Main Reasons Why Marble Designs For Smartphones Are So Desirable Right Now

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Marble has been popularly used in construction for years. The material’s name was derived from the Greek word ‘marmaros’ that can be translated to “a snow white and spotless stone,” even though marble comes in various colors.

However, marble is now being used for smartphones. Yes, the trend in marble design is predicted to take off this year, as even the fashion industry has been featuring styles based on the aesthetically beautiful stone. In this post, we will highlight why marble designs for smartphones are utterly irresistible.

It’s the best option for those mobile users looking for a sustainable solution to their handsets. A recent study revealed that 98% of products claiming to be ‘eco-friendly’ are questionable. So, what makes an item sustainable? Well, if it’s not polluting the earth and is taken from the planet naturally, then it’s considered earth-friendly. And, marble comes from the earth. In fact, marble flooring is said to contribute to the sustainable designs of homes and offices. By having a marble design on your handset, you are effectively helping the environment.

Classy and Timeless
Since everything is mass-produced nowadays, everything looks the same. Smartphones are not safe from this single design look. Being a natural Earth product, every piece of marble varies in design, making it unique. It also creates a statement that the individual carrying it is unique. Royalties have been known to use marble design for its natural beauty and timeless appearance that last forever.

The marble design works for various different sizes (an iPhone to a Macbook). Almost all gadgets fit the design. Whether you have the 4-inch handset or the bigger 6-inch tablet, the marble covers are exactly what you need to keep it safe while still looking classy. There are affordable mobile devices that look like premium handsets, such as the iPad mini 4 that is included in the January Sale page of O2. But, even with a metal finish, these gadgets are still prone to bumps and scratches, especially those made from plastic. Instead of getting those dull looking covers, be fashion-forward by giving it a marble design cover because today, even celebrities are worried to wear the same designer dress on the red carpet.

Marble is a form of stone, thus its tendency to break is considerably less than a device made from plastic. Even if faced with concrete or other types of stones, marble is less likely to scratch or break in half. Even the sturdiest smartphones are not safe from breaking when dropped on the floor. By adding a layer of marble to the device it acts as an extra layer of protection. Most marble hardness rate between three to five on the Mohs hardness scale.

The likelihood is said marble designs will be around for a while. While there are some companies that accept customized designs, for those with their own artwork. For more marble design ideas, check out MIKOL and their line of sleek and modern-styles marble pieces.

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