7 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Man

7 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Man

October 29, 2019

7 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Man

The mainstream trend has far gone, for the present era is thinking out of the box. Especially when you ponder upon the gifts the love of your life deserves, it has to be extraordinary. Thinking out of the box doesn’t mean you try to get your man give a tough competition to Ranveer Singh, we prefer leaving him with his signature style, all alone. A week into the relationship, a year or even a lifetime, we have your back in this article. We got all the perfect 7 ideas rounded up around this article so you know what is best for your man. 

Cocktail Set 

  • Cocktail toolset
  • We know of the cold beer categorized guys, the whiskey one, but over the course of time, we figured out that there are equally proportion of guys who’s pick up a cocktail over any other poison. For instance, guys who develop a taste of the cocktail, often follow up with their own set of experiments. We bet you guy would too if he is into cocktails, so now is your chance to quench his cocktail fantasy, by upgrading his bar cart.

     Duffle Bag

  • Backpack or a small field duffle bag
  • A classic backpack never goes out of fashion and can be the reciprocation of all the fancy handbags and clutches he gifted you. A yet make his style a lot more subtle with a sleek bag, which he can carry to work outings. Another option you can go for is a small field duffle bag if your man is a fitness junkie or chooses an escape route of small trips every now and then. Hitting a gym in style or traveling with swag in loved by everyone and the idea to make him feel it, is just enough to make him drool all over you again.

    Food Basket 

  • Date night gift set
  • It is time to spice up your relationship, and we do not care how long your relationship has lasted. Move out of the old school way and ask your man out on a date by gifting him a beautiful date night set which would lend him a hand while getting ready. A set of pomade, body wash cologne and other such items would definitely draw his attention to you. After all, a perfectly groomed gent is pretty attractive, even for himself as it boosts his level of confidence, while he figures out your spectacular idea. 

    Hair Clipper 

  • Hair clipper
  • Styling hair is definitely loved by each and every gent out there. You can, therefore, encourage him to try new hairstyles by getting him a hair clipper which would work just fine. We have a recommendation for you though, the andis speedmaster medium budget clipper.


     It is a great alternative to style your man as well if you are into hair styling. You will find some great features embedded with the product and the least you can do is, buy one for your man as a gift. Grooming always starts with a stylish hairstyle.


  • Canvas sneakers
  • White kicks are in trend now and guys are moving a lot more into them. You can ask any man about his love for sneakers and he would want to have a wardrobe of the most expensive sneaker exclusively for himself. Well, the best choice you have is a white branded kicks, with slight color patterns, or the way you think he would like. Put all of your efforts to add on yet another stylish sneaker into his collection. We dare you to go for it and see how much he would fall in love with it and you of course. 

     Ear phones

  • Earphones
  • Not all guys may be a good dancer, but every one of them is into music, it is just some like to groove over the beats while others like enjoying the best of what bass has to offer. Redefine his music experience by getting him the earplugs of superior quality than that one he owns now. Do you part of the research and help your man dwell into his fantasy land of music with every beat so precise, that he would simply be lost in his dream, definitely containing you.

     Sun Glasses

  • Wayfarers 

    A complete look for a man would end up with sunglasses. Shades are always a better idea when you have cross-checked all the other ideas. Wayfarers have been a trend for a long age, so we highly recommend you to choose a stylish wayfarer. We think a rather great choice would be the one which has a vintage look finely crafted to contain some great contemporary vibes. You can also choose based on your personal interests as well, but make sure it would suit your man giving him the celebrity kinda makeover. We sure hope you would get the perfect one and your other half blushes over your choice and idea. 


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