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7 Simple Interior Design Tips And Tricks To Beautify Your Living Space

March 04, 2022

7 Simple Interior Design Tips And Tricks To Beautify Your Living Space

Marble Coffee TableThere seems to be a new hype about minimalist and beauty in everything now.  Whether it's products, food preparation, interior design, etc. Ever since famous Apple CEO, Steve Jobs introduced their company design philosophy. 

But we didn't need Steve Jobs to tell us we enjoy beautiful things! Most children grow up imagining having a beautiful home one day.

A beautiful home gives us a mental piece and satisfaction and comfort. 

However, designing that dream home is quite the challenge.   Design is combination of a lot of things and always in the details, whether it's a simple shade of coloring, positioning of windows for lighting, and so on.

The very first step of design is to have that grand vision.  Many people fall in the mistake of trying to adjust the little things first and take off their checklist.  Big no no! Every room has a different way of design and flow, but overall needs to match the style of the entire house as well.  One idea maybe better for the  bedroom but it may not perfect for the bathroom. 

Now we got that out of the way, let's just look at a few tricks to enhance your living space.


MIKOL Wallpaper

The wall is one of the most important areas for design in the house, as that is the center piece for attention when you first walk in the door. A well designed wall captures people’s attention at their first glance. We all know painting is the easiest way of transformation, and depending on color, it can influence the psychology of mood.  Nevertheless, there is always the option of using wallpaper design as well to simply add flare and attention of the room.

Keep Available Space:
Do not clutter your living space! big taboo! If you ever watch the show hoarders, that's the exaggeration of it. A huge number of furniture makes the room seem small, cramped and unappealing to the eye. So, buy some quality furniture within your budget. Keep the room free so that you can move easily.  A room with free space looks better and larger.  You can add exterior swinging doors for a more spacious feel, or even add mirrors to give the illusion of a bigger room. Keep in mind, comfort and functionality should not be compromised for design.

 Living room


In the above picture, it's clean, spacious, couch, bar and pool table as your center piece.  

Use Rug For arrange Your Furniture:
It looks better if you arrange your furniture on top of the rug. It provides a comfortable feeling when you see or walking through rug. Keep  at least 12 to 18 inches free space all four sides of rug’s border if it's in the living room. In the bedroom, you can use it to accent your bed.


 Rug bedroom life

Place you artwork at right height:

Art work increases the beautification of any room or space. Artworks are essential for interior designing.  Average height for hanging art works is 57 inches. 57 inches is a perfect height for human eye level. So, hang your artwork at 57 inches from your floor.  In the photograph, we have a custom wall art from MIKOL using real marble.  The attached is the Rainforest Marble Wall art collection:

More details can be found on MIKOL Wall Art Collection:

 Marble Wall art

Use Pair of Things:
Always try to collect pair of things. A single glass or a single pillow is not perfect for nice design. Instead of having singe piece collect pair or set of items.  Below we have a pair of art and a set of marble wall magnets in three different colors.  The light emperador, nero marquina, and carrara white give the marble magnets a great contrast.  

For more information and items to decorate:

MIKOL Marble Wall Magnet


MIKOL Marble Wall Magnet

 Prefer Big Bed:
Always prefer big bed for your bed room. Big bed makes the room nice looking unless your room is smaller.  Either center the bed or keep it all the way to one side. On the contrary, if you live in a super tiny room set up a big bed than room seems to be bigger. 


Bedroom furniture

Choose Lamps Not Light:
Always prefer lamp rather than light. Lamps beside the bed provides easy access at night before your sleep.  The contrast setup provides warmth and comfort as well. Again, the pair setup is always good.

Lamp lighting 


Tips and tricks end now. The main word is creativity. Think something creative and explore yourself. 


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