7 Reasons We Think You’ll Love Having Our Marble iPhone 7 Case

April 13, 2017

Luxury Shopping

Have you ever purchased something only to regret it later on because what you thought was unique, everyone else ended up getting as well? Yeah, us too! We felt the "affordable" design trend happening with replicas of designs that has populated the market.

Before having a Mont Blanc pen was very special. Or having a Rolex watch separates you from the crowd.  But now we are filled with thousands and thousands of repeated products, so we decided to change that and bring back the old values.

We at MIKOL take a minimalist approach to designing fashion and luxury tech accessories fusing with natural materials.  Because it is a natural material, every piece will always be different and carry its own unique style.  Our belief is to fuse our designs to these elegant natural pieces that truly become one of a kind. 

See below for 7 Reasons we think you’ll truly enjoy the MIKOL experience.


Reason #1: Because an everyday iPhone 7 case should be fashionable, not boring. 

Ain’t that the truth! Our iPhone cases come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from and are guaranteed to get you compliments. 

Marble iPhone 7 Case - Luxury tech accesssoriesLuxury Tech Accessories iPhone 7 Case

Reason #2: Minimalist designs to retain the beauty of the marble


Every product we create refers back to the minimalist philosophy and enhancing each marble piece's beauty. At the same time we spend a lot of effort testing and reproducing each item to ensure the functionality of each product.


Reason #3: Quality that stands the test of time.

Marble has been used for centuries for kings and emperors, so we know this material lasts!

We were the first marble fashion accessory company built on a direct to consumer model.  But what does that mean?  Essentially, we not only design the products, but we also have our own manufacturing facilities to test, produce, and ship them directly to you.


Reason #4: If you don't love it, send it back for money back 

We’re so confident you’ll be thrilled with your MIKOL iPhone 7 Cases that we back it up with a trial period.  If you don't love it and you aren't receiving as much attention from friends, family, and strangers about your marble case within 14 days. Send it back to us, and we will give your money back guaranteed.

 Quality Assurance

Reason #5: The founding story of MIKOL is pretty awesome.

MIKOL has been designing and producing goods for other companies for years until the founder grew frustrated of companies changing little details of designs that mattered due to cost.  Basically, consumers would receive a lesser quality product because the owner or the company wanted to cut back on budget and not on advertising.

Out of frustration, MIKOL was born ensuring the product was perfect for every customer.

Reason #6: All of our iPhone cases, iPad, Macbook and Notebook Journals are customizable with personalized engraving.

Because we design and produce our own goods, we have the ability to customize designs, add on different color marble pieces based on your desirability.
A popular option that our customers love is the personalized engraving on each marble piece.  Adding that little finish touch gives it an extra sense of uniqueness to the product.

Reason #7: Customer service should be run by people, not robots.

We hate automated response systems, so we carefully hand selected a team of representatives that are available by email or phone.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, they’re here to help as well as our social media outlets.

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