6 Jaw-Dropping Engagement Ring Ideas Inspired by Hollywood Celebrities

6 Jaw-Dropping Engagement Ring Ideas Inspired by Hollywood Celebrities

April 27, 2022


The news of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s recent engagement has taken over the internet. It’s one of those times when two Hollywood megastars get together, and the internet can’t stop talking about it. Of course, it’s not just J’Lo and Ben Affleck’s love affair that’s taking over the World Wide Web. Every detail about this relationship is hitting the news, and fans are loving it.

Of course, whenever one of Hollywood’s most loved personalities gets married or engaged, people’s attention almost immediately falls on a few things. When are they getting married? Where’s the party? Who’s invited and who’s not? What are they gonna wear? All these questions resonate within people’s minds. Another vital detail they never seem to miss out on is the engagement ring, which is true in the case of J’Lo and Affleck as well. Celebrity engagements or weddings inspire people to get similar engagement rings for themselves. With that in mind, let’s go through a few engagement ring ideas inspired by Hollywood that you can look into.

#1 Jennifer Lopez’s Green Diamond

Since it’s all the buzz right now, we might as well start here. Green is one of Jennifer Lopez’s favorite colors. Affleck knew that when he proposed to her with an 8.5-carat fancy vivid natural green diamond engagement ring. The extremely rare and unique green diamonds make for some fine jewelry. Among all the fancy colored diamonds, natural green diamonds are some of the brightest and fanciest. The green color goes with all sorts of bands. Affleck went for the usual silver one. However, you can make yours using platinum or even dark rose gold.

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#2 Paris Hilton’s Emerald Cut Diamond

Paris Hilton’s $2 million engagement ring is visible from outer space. It’s huge and pretty, and the emerald cut makes it stand out. Many diamond rings use additional stones or diamonds to complement the centerpiece. That’s not necessary when you have an emerald cut. Even when you compromise on the size a little, you’ll still find yourself with a large enough diamond. Paris Hilton has a fancy white diamond as the centerpiece. However, you can experiment with pink diamonds for yours. They will look pretty even if you opt for a low-clarity version.

#3 Kate Middleton’s Sapphire Ring

What was once the late Princess Diana’s now adorns the hand of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother’s ring in 2010. The ring has a 12-carat sapphire as the centerpiece, and 14 diamonds surround the sapphire in a halo. Sapphires represent royalty. Thus, it’s easy to see why Princess Diana and Kate Middleton would prefer these stones. These figures are parts of the British Monarchy. It’s only logical for them to put on sapphire jewelry. Don’t hesitate to avoid the halo of diamonds if you ever consider making a similar design. The halo complements the sapphire but isn’t necessary. On its own, the sapphire centerpiece draws a lot of attention. So, you can ditch the diamond halo if you want to.

#4 Marilyn Monroe’s Platinum Band Engagement rings

don’t always have to have a diamond or gemstone centerpiece. Sometimes, the band itself is precious. That’s exactly what Joe DiMaggio opted for when he proposed to Marilyn Monroe. The platinum band had 35 diamond stones, all in baguette-cut styles. The band was impressive enough, and the diamonds made it stand out. You can get a bit creative here too. Instead of 35, opt for fewer than five small diamonds. Focus on the band. You can also avoid platinum and go for a rose gold band. In that case, you might want to experiment with rubies rather than diamonds.

#5 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr got a round-cut diamond as the centerpiece. The diamond edges are tapering, and the whole setup fits perfectly on a platinum band. It’s the simplest diamond ring arrangement you can ever go for but is worth it in every way. If you want to respect the stone and make sure people only focus on it and nothing else, this is the design to opt for.

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#6 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria’s ruby engagement ring doesn’t hold back when it comes to being bold and flashy. The ring demands attention wherever Eva goes. The designers surrounded the ruby with diamonds to add more finesse to it. However, it wasn’t to complement the ruby. It was probably to show people just how dominating the ruby is, even against diamonds. Reimagine this in your preferred way. Ideally, let the ruby dominate the ring and use a rose gold band to complement it. So, there you go. These engagement ring designs should give you something to think about if you plan on getting married soon. Some of the designs will trouble your wallet. However, given their status, investing in these designs will surely be worth it.

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