5 Trending Marble Accessories that You Can’t Afford to Miss

June 20, 2016

5 Trending Marble Accessories that You Can’t Afford to Miss

Laguna Blue Marble Cufflinks

Marble has been popular for its versatility and calming effects for years. The roots of this veiny stone rolls back all the way beyond the ancient Rome, where it was effectively used in beautiful construction work. With the passage of time, marble has established its mark all over the world.  These days, marble has its unrivaled presence in the day-to-day life in luxury building along with home decor. Now MIKOL has furthered its advancement into the fashion realm.

Here are 5 stunning marble fashion accessories that are very popular right now:

  1. Marble Cufflinks

Marble doesn’t have to be black and white. It can be found many different colors or size to match your attire. With a subtle vibe, these cool cufflink pieces are a must for the season that is already being ruled by lively prints. With a wide option available, you can go for a cufflink that exactly matches your choice of colors and shapes.

How to Carry it: A cufflink should be carried with a suit coat, but not necessary. Just like the pocket squares, it is one of the absolute parts of the men’s accessory and you cannot afford to mess with it. Be careful while matching the cufflinks and skimp on other details of your wardrobe.

 Marble Bow tie

Bow Tie

It seems that Justin Timberlake has brought sexy back with the bow tie game. And now a brand new elegance and embellishment with real marble bow ties. Believe it or not, a unique bow tie can make all the difference in men's style as it is the centerpiece of the human eye. And, if you want to add that extra edge to your ensemble, go for the marble bow ties.

How to carry it:The idea behind the marble bow tie is showcasing the luxury of the marble fashion. It combines the charm and versatility of the stone with the modern attire. Nothing can go wrong with a well-fitted suit, a white shirt, and a classic bow tie.

 Laguna Blue Necklace Dog Tag


Consider it as a stunning addition to any outfit. The marble necklace recreates the traditional jewelry design with geometric statement pieces. Marble is one of the most luxurious material and we are trying hard to get the best out of it. With a very careful approach, we have redesigned the necklaces by combining the elegant hint of marbles and funkiness of the modern style.

How to wear it: There were days when there were barriers for men’s accessories. Nowadays, you can wear these necklaces with casual shirts or deep V-neck t-shirts. Being a masculine piece, the marble necklaces are a must-have for any man who wants to go higher with the fashion statement.

Marble Tie Bar

Tie Bar

A hot new trend in the men’s accessory is the tie bar. With a variety of tie bars available, it is difficult to select the right one. But, here you have the most elegant collection of tie bars. Worth a quick mention that these tie bars wear a harmonious combination of several prints and hues. 

How to carry it: The best rule is to fasten the tie bar somewhere between the third and fourth button. To be more accurate, place it around the sternum and below the pectoral muscles. Never wear them at an angle other than the perpendicular one.


Laguna Blue iPhone 6 case

The Real Marble and Quartz iPhone Case

So you are almost ready with the rest of the attire! Do not forget to match your phone cover with the rest of the outfit. The good news is – if you have gone for the real marble designs for the rest of your accessories, they are also available for the iPhone cases. (Sorry non-Apple users!) Equally magnificent and edged with the sense of security, these cases will securely fit your Apple iPhone.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to iPhone cases, but make sure you select one to match your rest of the attire.

Men in high fashion have always taken advantage of the marble to win attention. Now, its your turn.


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