5 Reasons Why We Created a Marble iPhone X Case

5 Reasons Why We Created a Marble iPhone X Case

July 30, 2018

iPhone 8 plus case

Many people like to ask us, why did we decide to use marble as our signature feature for iPhone cases and other lifestyle products.  We often receive questions asking about what is so special about marble? The short version is if you're asking this question, then you are most likely not our target audience.  Our intention isn't to try and sell you a product, but build a community of people that appreciate natural stones.  We are looking for those that love the look of marble, understand there is the history behind, and the unique factor natural stones carry.

But since so many people ask, we thought to share 5 main factors of why we wanted to create fashionable lifestyle marble products.

1. Unique Factor

Laguna Blue iPhone X case

The general view of marble is that it is a luxury item.  Natural stones can be quite expensive such as the Laguna blue you see in the above photo, also known as Azul Bahia.  However, there are natural stones that are very affordable as well, especially materials like slate.  So why does marble have such a luxury image? It's because it's a unique and exclusive product. And for the affluent class, they don't want an item that everybody else has.  

You see plenty of iPhone cases on the market, even marble printed version phone cases.  And they are great products as well! The only thing is, every single piece is exactly the same because it is mass produced.  

Every real marble iPhone x case a customer purchases, that marble design will solely be theirs to own.  There are no two cases that are ever the same because of it's natural everchanging vein structure.  

If you're interested in finding out how to identify faux marble, we have another article here showing you the comparison here.

2. History

Carrara White iPhone 8 Plus case

Most marble quarries have a super rich history!  Materials such as the Carrara white marble dates back further than the ancient Roman empire. Known artist such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci or even modern architects loves using this material. If you want to find out more history and fun facts about Carrara marble, we have another article about this stone in our blog. 

The history of the quarry/quarriers, artists, sculptors, architects, fabricators that all date back centuries are endless stories of this beautiful marble being applied.  Something a simple print or design can hardly compare to years and years of history. 

3. Experts

Stone Carving

One main reason why we decided to use marble was that we were already experts in the field. And we had the technology to make ultra-thin marble pieces.  Originally, it was intended for the construction industry to help conserve material.  However, the business greed made it difficult to promote this new concept of marble sheets. Therefore we re-directed into an area where it would be appreciated.

4. Fashion

Amethyst iPhone 8 case

When we entered the market, it just happened the marble fashion trend was on the rise!  People were using printed marble on bags, clothes, shoes, wallets, iPhone cases and many more.  If people were happy with printed styles of marble designs, why wouldn't they accept the real thing?  Aside from designing lifestyle products combined with natural marble pieces, we knew exactly where to source the best quality stones with a variety of colors to make it even more fashionable! An example of a popular item for our female customer base is the amethyst iPhone case.  It's supposed to bring good luck and fortune. Also, the vibrant purple color is an eye catcher as well with crystalized structure.  

5. Awareness

Terrazzo iPhone 8 case

Last, but not least, the mission of our company is to raise awareness through our products.  If you don't know our story, we originally developed the ultra-thin marble technology for the construction industry.  The marble was 90% thinner which reduced waste, faster installation, lessen the structural load on the building and reduced emissions from less transportation cost.  We could also use recycled materials such as the Terrazzo iPhone 8 case we have above.  However, there were too many middlemen in the distribution channel to convince.  Most wanted a quick sale, so the product was a harder sell.  Instead of giving up, the owner of our company decided to drastically change industries into fashion and lifestyle products.  The reason behind it was so we can educate the world that this thin marble technology was available.  We can use thinner marble and still maintain its quality.  Why lifestyle and fashion? MIKOL wanted to be in an area where people us and carry the product everyday with them to help raise awareness.  If you are carrying around a real marble iPhone case, without any explanation, most will realize the possibilities of thin marble.  

In a way, it was a success to us! Even though it's not widely used in the construction industry yet, but we do see more and more products utilize our thin marble technology.  When we first started, there was a lot of doubts.  Over time, as we grew and our customers help spread the word, it became more and more acceptable.  We rarely get the question if our products are made out of real marble now.  

But we still need to make a further push! The construction industry uses millions of tons of natural stones a year.  It is something we can easily help reduce.

Please help us share and educate others of this available technology in an traditional space.


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