The Beginnning

April 20, 2015

Being in a top marble manufacturing company that has been around for forty years, there was always the dilemma of how to brand stone?

It all begin with a simple naive phone call from a friend outside of the marble construction industry.

She simply asked if we can produce iphone cases for her dance team.  She loved the simplicity yet elegance and beauty of natural stone and wanted to turn it into a fashion product for her team.

They wanted something aesthetically pleasing, yet unique and something no one else has to represent their team.

This simple request gave birth to what MikoL has become today.  

However, such simple request came with great difficulties and technical obstacles we had to overcome.  But to make such a great product,  we know we will make a difference.   Being able to overcome the fragility and weight issue of natural marble, we have been able to develop other line of products and eventually launch a series of fashionable products.

We were very fortunate to have our own manufacturing team and not have rely on a third party who's quality could very well be compromised with such unique and technical production.

Ultimately, we take great pride in ensuring that our products are ethically and responsibly produced. And through the process of building this company and these products, we have realized the impact we are making on the environment by using less material and still retaining it's strength, quality and appearance.  

We hope to build this company successfully with our fashion products and eventually change the industry that uses natural resources in how to better conserve and not be so wasteful in unnecessary use of natural products.

We hope everyone can be apart of this movement and save our planet.  Only take what is necessary.


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