5 Fashion Accessory Tips for Men

May 19, 2016

Suit and Tie

5 Fashion Accessory Tips for Men

Confidence in men is usually what is most attractive to people.  We are drawn by that energy.  But before speaking to a man with confidence, usually they already exude that element with their body language or style of appearance.
James Bond, Neil Caffrey, Don Draper, and Barney Stinson all share this confidence.  

They all look suave, thanks to their ability to wear a suit, which is the trademark of the professional man of success.

You are probably thinking that you will never come close to looking anywhere near as charming as these men, even wearing a nice tailored suit.  And you most probably correct!  Except not the reasons you are thinking...

If you want to look sharp, smart, confident and well put-together then you need to pay attention to the finer details of suit wearing.

Most men wear a suit improperly and therefore don’t look nearly as good as they can. Of course, we all don't have a full cast to support our good lucks like the movie stars.  But altering the little areas that most men don't notice will truly enhance your style by tenfold.

Lot of times, men wear pants that are too long, jacket sleeves that are too short, improperly matching your tie to your shirt, using the wrong tie knot are just among a few of the many mistakes you’re possibly making.

When picking out a suit, you need to be sure that is properly fitted.  It should feel snug, but still comfortable enough for you to move around in.  

Using a pocket square can really polish that entire appearance overall.  But make sure not to match your tie too closely.

Don't forget your belt game, matching correctly with your shoes or watch.

If you really want to go in details with your suit game, pay attention to the even finer details such as cufflinks.


carrara white cufflinks


A man who wears tie clips really translate to others that this person is detailed, has style, and knows how to properly groom himself.


Carrara White Marble Tie Clips


Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Nick Canon and so on have really brought back the bowtie game.

Below I have included something special for you.  It's the world's first marble bowtie collection

Marble Bowtie


So just a brief recap on what we went over:

1.  Fitted Suit

2.  Pocket Square

3.  Cufflinks

4.  Tie Clip

5.  Bow Tie

Good luck charming those ladies! =)

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