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Top Accessories That Every Medieval And Fantasy Lover Should Have

March 15, 2023

If you love a good sword and sorcery adventure, then chances are that you’re already in the know about what is considered “must-have” accessories for any aspiring medieval or fantasy enthusiast. From classic items to modern interpretive versions of classics, there are some decorations and pieces that no discerning fan should be without! Whether they’re dressed up in their favorite armor or set on an epic quest, we have rounded up some must-haves that every medieval and fantasy lover ought to own. From swords and shields to rings inspired by legends of the past, here are our top picks - check them out now so your next journey can look as much like a real storybook adventure as possible!

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Sword and Shield

For medieval and fantasy lovers looking for sturdy, vintage weapons, look no further than a sword and shield. With online resources popping up all over the place, whether it be this website or a known store you have been looking at for a while, it's easier than ever to find replicas of the original weaponry used by some of the world's most legendary warriors. Ancient knights and Saxons alike need not worry about sourcing their battle-ready assets online. While online selection will vary in style, size, and width to match any period’s specific armor needs, shoppers should rest assured they’ll find what they’re looking for if they do enough digging online. Whether a collector or a reenactor of legendary battles from centuries ago, any medieval and fantasy enthusiast could benefit from having a firm steel sword and durable wooden shield at their side.

Appropriate Armor and an Appropriate Helmet

Any self-respecting medieval and fantasy fan knows that the outfit isn’t complete without armor and a helmet. The right pieces can not only make you look the part but also keep you safe when roleplaying. For armor, start with a gambeson - a long padded coat that provides an essential layer of protection against scrapes and falls. Then choose your outerwear based on your desired look - from hard leather cuirass to scale or chain mail. To make sure you get the best gear, do your research and buy from reliable suppliers. As for helmets, you can go old-school with a riveted spangenhelm or opt for modern ways like a full-face helm constructed from polyurethane foam. In either case, you should take time to ensure it fits properly and does not interfere with peripheral vision.

Bracers and Armguards

Bracers and armguards are essential medieval and fantasy accessories for anyone wanting to add an extra touch of prestige and authority to their wardrobe. Whether it’s a handmade leather bracer or a finely crafted metal armguard, these pieces will bring out the regal feeling in any outfit. Ancient warriors once used bracers as protection while jousting, while stylish armguards have been a hallmark of high society throughout the ages. Of course, modern fashion often seeks inspiration from these classic garments, adding a fantastic final touch when combined with other fantasy or medieval elements. To add another layer of excitement to your style - even if you won't be jousting - make sure to incorporate either one of these must-have accessories into your wardrobe!

LARP Weapons and Foam Swords

If you're the type of fantasy lover or LARP enthusiast that likes to feel the heft of a well-crafted replica weapon in your hand, then foam swords and other LARP weapons are a must-have accessory. There is a wide selection of foam weapons available, from single- and double-handed swords and daggers to maces and shields. Most designs also feature intricate detailing giving them an authentic look and feel with minimal weight. Be sure to find yourself some quality weapons for LARPing, that offer excellent durability and suppleness to ensure realistic swordplay, as well as safety for both you and those around you. Armed with the right foams swords, you'll be ready to wage imaginary epic fantasy battles in no time at all!

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Adequate Prosthetics (Elven, Dwarven, etc.)

As any devoted medieval and fantasy fan knows, outfitting yourself for your favorite roleplay can be a daunting task. However, whether you’re playing the part of an elf warrior or a noble dwarf, it’s important to make sure your look is complete by having the right prosthetics. Whether you opt for fake ears or a full-face mask with braided hair accessories, having adequate prosthetics can really add to the realism of your character’s persona. Not only will they make you look realistic, but they can also help you get into character and move away from your everyday world while getting lost in medieval fantasy.

Faux Fur Shawls and Wraps

Soft to the touch and incredibly warm, these luxe wraps are the perfect go-to when opting for an ethereal, vintage feel. From bigger statement pieces to versatile everyday designs, faux fur shawls are a timeless piece every fan of medieval and fantasy should have in their wardrobe. Choose a neutral shade like white or charcoal gray for a classic look, or go bold with a colorful choice like purple or dark teal – there's something for everyone!

Gauntlets or Leather Gloves

Gauntlets or leather gloves make a great addition to any Medieval and Fantasy lover's wardrobe. Worn for centuries in combat, their heft adds an air of stoic strength and confidence – which is why so many fans of the genre find them appealing today. Whether made from steel or leather, gauntlets provide protection and stability in addition to giving your look that extra boost of authenticity. Whether it's for day-to-day wear or special occasions, gauntlets are always sure to give you that medieval and fantasy flair you crave.

From the medieval sword and shield to the leather gloves and faux fur shawls, there is something for everyone no matter what style of medieval, fantasy, or LARPing you choose. Yes, these items can be a bit pricey; however, they can also last a very long time if taken care of properly. So if you are wanting to add a touch of the middle ages to your wardrobe or if you already have some pieces but would like to refresh them with a few more, this list of top accessories is one that every medieval and fantasy lover should consider looking into! Whether it is armor, helmets, swords and shields, prosthetics, or wraps and shawls, these wearable items will help transport you back in time so that you can truly feel like you are ready to take on anything that comes your way. Be bold and have fun!

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