These MIKOL Bracelets Will Rock Your World

These MIKOL Bracelets Will Rock Your World

October 11, 2017

These MIKOL Bracelets Will Rock Your World

Our team at MIKOL is really excited to be introducing these new stone bracelets to you.  If you have been following us, then you know how much we want to introduce marble fashion into the modern world.  

Our team first launched with the marble iPhone cases in an attempt to transform luxury tech accessories to be something fashionable.  As that popularity has grown, we've developed notebook journals to be stylish along with the world's first real marble business cards.

Natural stone is just so beautiful!  We loved the beauty and elegance of traditional zen stone bead bracelets.  To fit a more contemporary look, we decided to just add a little bit more flare and style to the traditional bracelets along with a spirit animal for courage.

We wanted the beads and the elastic to the packaging - everything to breath pure luxury. We added them to our collection with pride. But what makes these bracelets so unique? 


It started with early trips to Asia, mainly Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Not only was it a fashion accessory in the culture for many men and women, but it was also worn for good luck or to ward off bad spirits. 

When we were designing these bracelets, the leather wristbands were quite popular.  We were very close to hopping on that bandwagon but eventually decided against it.  Just how natural stone is unique, we wanted to be different as well.  

That is when it clicked! The ah-ha moment! Being a stone fashion brand, remembering our earlier trips to Asia, everything just fell in place!


Shop this bracelet: Laguna Blue Stone Bracelet 


The designs of MIKOL bracelets were meant to be chic and masculine. The key element is the contrasting shapes: there's a contrast between round and edgy, matt and shiny, smooth and ribbed. Perfect to wear individually, but also perfect in combination with other accessories and especially with a nice timepiece.  


These bracelets are made of a special alloy and finished to perfection by hand. This bead also features the MIKOL logo of each cube. Carefully not to over accessorize each bracelet and retain most of its elegant traditional look.


Stone Bead bracelets

Shop this bracelet: Tiger Eye Stone Bead Bracelet 


We want to give that solid feel of the bracelets straight away. Not only are the accessories of the bracelet carefully chosen, but even though elastic bracelet is carefully put together. MIKOL uses the best elastic brand to create firm bracelets. The bracelets use a special Japanese knot method that makes it extra secure so it won't detach. The elastic is pre-stretched to remove additional stretch. This will ensure that your bracelet doesn't weaken by use. Solid as a rock! 


When you see MIKOL, you know it stands for quality. Picking out beautiful polished stones is only the first part. Each bracelet is then carefully put together piece by piece to ensure a nice color gradient with each finished piece. 


Typical for this stone is the shiny golden stripe eye effect. This stone reminds you of a real tiger due to its fibrous structure there's a light reflection shaped like a crack. The satin shine changes depending on the angle you look at it. Due to the difference in the iron concentration, there is the typical variation of light and dark stripes. The tiger eye is definietly a classic. 

Shop this bracelet: Tiger Eye Stone Bead Bracelet 

Rustic Appeal - Weathered Agate:

The weathered agate is one of the more popular bracelets for those who go for the rustic bad boy look.  These bracelets are purposedly dried to cringle. The name comes from the Achates River in Sicily, where Agates were first found. Historically, these agate bracelets were used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to the Babylonian era of Neolithic people. Its medicinal uses continued through ancient civilizations.

Shop this bracelet: Weathered Stone Agate Bracelets 

THE BLACK KNIGHT - Yin & Yang Agate

In ancient times, stones were worn by warriors because they believed certain stones had protecting or healing powers.  It also gave the carrier the courage to fight.   This particular piece represents the balance of our world and the great Chinese philosophy of Yin & Yang.

Shop this bracelet: Yin & Yang Agate Bracelet 


Howlite is a mineral that contains beautiful white crystals with grey veins in its natural shape. Continuing the yin & yang philosophy, we combined it with natural sodalite beads. These crystals are polished into round beads and get a matt finish. 

Shop this bracelet: Howlite Stone Bead Bracelet 

COLOR OF THE OCEAN - Aqua Marina Bracelet:

This beautiful turquoise bracelet has been a favorite amongst women.  Shows off that casual energetic spring feel.  The abundant color synced up with our signature gold bead demonstrates elegance and confidence for those that wear it.

Shop this bracelet: AquaMarina Stone Bracelet 


Each stone is carefully inspected for their homogenous color and proper gradience.  However, there will be a slight difference as we are dealing with natural stone. The slight flaws and differences are exactly what we love! It shows character, rather than most products we carry these days that are massed produced.  And as mentioned before, the elastic strings are carefully checked for defects to ensure durability.  Once it is all approved, the bracelets are packaged up and ready to be shipped. Luxury is in the details. 

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