Spring wardrobe

The Layering Secret to Break Out Your Spring Wardrobe

May 04, 2020

Spring Wardrobe

The modern woman should be sophisticated, imaginative and daring this spring with her dressing options. As the weather is generally unstable during the spring season, special attention should be paid to jackets and coats that will keep you warm enough and in which it will not be too hot. So during the spring season, the best option is to dress in layers. Accessories are also something that will help you achieve the layered look. You should look at accessories not only as fashion pieces but also as elements with which you can refine your style. Use them as a base around which you will build your outfit. 

Jewelry That Holds the Whole Outfit Together


Necklaces are the perfect addition for any spring outfit. They can transform any combination to more of a Boho, romantic, or even rebel vibe. They will pull the attention to your upper body, emphasizing your neck. Choose colors that are associated with spring, summer, and nature. For example, adding a touch of green to your outfit will make it transition from winter to spring completely. A natural jade necklace would be perfect for this. Jewelry, in general, is very good for connecting layered pieces in a synergy. If selected carefully they can turn any combination into the perfect outfit. If it is a little windy outside, put on a light scarf and wear a necklace over it. This will create another visual layer.


Scarves Add a Lot of Variety


A scarf is a quick and easy way to add layers into your everyday look. For a super relaxed look you can wear it over your shoulder. Turn the big scarf into a modern poncho with a belt. Give a lively look to a monochrome combination with a colorful patterned scarf. Pair a checkered scarf with a leather jacket for an afternoon coffee with friends. You can also look very chic by pairing a scarf with a dress and tossing your jacket over your shoulder. The silk scarf around your neck will make you look elegant and mature. You could also pair it with a shorter denim jacket for a classic, elegant look. A slim, silk scarf will make you look original and unique.


Carefully Choose Your Bag


While a bag is not an element that adds layers, it can be very useful to carry clothing items around, especially in the unpredictable spring weather. It comes in handy if you need to add or remove layers from your outfit in the middle of the street. You can pack anything in it including a warm sweater, scarf, a hat and some additional pieces of jewelry. Make sure that the color of your bag is the same as your boots or belt to achieve a more elegant look.


Don’t Store Away Your Boots Yet


Since spring can sometimes get windy or rainy, boots can be a very good option for your outfit. Take out your autumn pair and combine them with some knee-high socks for a great layered look. This footwear is perfect to wear in a combination with your spring dresses and skirts. Adding the knee-high socks to your boots will add another unexpected layer that will both keep you warm and make you look unique. Add a light coat to this outfit to for another layer. For a more synchronized look, wear a jacket that is the same color as your boots. You can also achieve this with carefully selected jewelry. 


A Belt is a Great Accessory

 Belt Style

You should be afraid of layering as it is a trend that is present almost everywhere. If you are still not sure how to do it, maybe these tricks with a belt will inspire you. You should choose a belt that complements and emphasizes your waist. Belts can be combined with pants, tunics, dresses or skirts as it will help you achieve a more layered look. It’s an accessory that is very easy to combine and can add a stylish look to almost any kind of outfit. If it’s chilly outside, take a light sweater with you. It might be a piece of clothing from the winter season but it will add another useful layer to your look. You can even wear a belt over the sweater for a more modern, stylish look.

 Guest Post by Marica

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