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Style Guide for Men: Basics You Need to Know

January 05, 2023

Style Guide for Men: Basics You Need to Know

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When you walk into a room, your dressing code, also known as your style, says a lot about you. In essence, your style speaks for you even before you utter a single word. This then means you should tailor your style to “speak the best things,” and this means dressing well. For some people, this may be quite challenging as men’s fashion is a broad area. These types of people end up frustrated as they cannot pinpoint even the right place to start. Well, here are some of the basics things you need to know as a man regarding fashion and dressing up.

  • Develop an Eye by Identifying the Style that you Like
  • Men’s styles come in different forms and types. What may be appropriated by someone else might not necessarily be fit for you. This is why one of the best men’s fashion tips is developing an eye that can identify the clothing styles you like. 

    For example, if you're looking for inspiration for shoes, browsing sneaker websites is a great way to quickly identify the styles you like.. Sneaker fashion trends always influence mainstream fashion, so it's easy to tell what's currently in style. To give yourself an idea of what styles to look for, scroll through the shoes and apparel sections on the website and make note of any patterns or colors that stand out to you. Just remember, you should always go with what looks best on you in addition to staying true to your personal style.

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    The best thing to do in such a scenario is to go through men’s fashion magazines and websites and look for the top five men’s dressing you like. After that, sit down with those five samples and keenly examine what thing about their styles amazes you. As you do this, you will find out what you like, and this helps in creating your fashion sense.

    • Get Wardrobe Staples

    Being stylish is not always about wearing trendy clothes. It’s all about dressing in a style that flatters you while simultaneously being comfortable. Finding your personal style can be challenging, but a great way to start is to equip your closet with wardrobe staples. Every man should have one or two of these items: plain cotton T-shirts, white leather sneakers, slim-cut chinos, denim jeans, dress pants, and dress shirts, among other things. Wardrobe staples make a good base for creating a flattering outfit that embodies your style.

  • Invest in Accessories
  • Improving your style goes beyond the shirts and pants, you need to show us that you own what you are wearing and then add something on top. Accessories, in this case, play a vital role in finishing up what your entire outfit started.

    Emerald green bracelet

    A man’s attire should not miss a dazzling watch on his wrist. You do not have to go all out and buy sparkling diamonds as most of the time; such watches do not match with all attires. The best place to start is going through Italian watches. Italian watchmakers are known to invest a lot of time, effort, and resources in delivering well-designed watches.

  • Ensure that The Leather Products You Wear Match
  • Matching is often a topic that is overlooked when talking about men’s attires. Always make sure that every leather item in your attire perfectly matches with the other. For instance, if you are wearing a brown leather shoe, make sure that the belt and watch band are also brown. The same applies to black leather shoes.

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  • Take Good Care of Your Clothes
  • Having amazing outfits is fantastic, but if the attire wrinkled out, worn out, and improperly handled, your entire dressing code is ruined. Therefore, you should take time out of your day to make sure that your clothes are properly maintained.

    Here are some few pointers on proper maintenance of men’s clothing;

    • Invest in the right iron box and make sure you go through ironing guidelines to make sure you do not ruin your attires. To make ironing easier and more enjoyable, check out this guide from the unclutterer on the best clothes steamers that will help you to keep the clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. For instance, almost all men’s shirts come with tags on the lower part of the collar to guide you on whether or not you should iron the shirt. The label also indicates the temperatures one should use.
    • You should also ensure that you clean your clothing correctly using the right detergents.
    • Shoes are also part of men’s style; therefore, ensure that you have a shoe rack where you will place your shoes in an orderly manner. 

    Taking good care of your clothes is vital as they will get worn out quickly and you will have to keep on replacing them. Furthermore, you get to look stylish and elegant with well-maintained clothes.


    Navigating the world of men’s fashion is a tricky affair but not an impossible one. Make sure you invest your time to look for the styles that you like and dwell on that as you improve your styling skills every day. Accessories are also a considerable part of a man’s fashion sense. A classy watch could take your sense of style a notch higher. Do not forget to take care of all your clothing and accessories, as this ensures you always step out of the house looking good.

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