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How To Throw An Amazing Summer Festival: Tips For Success

June 24, 2023

Festivals are universally popular events. The finest festivals have an almost supernatural power to unite people of all ages, styles, and backgrounds. Planning your summer gathering in a festival style ensures that there will be fun activities for all attendees, from adult beverages and live entertainment to arts and crafts and games for the kids. The only real challenge to throwing a festival-themed summer party is the preparation time involved. However, you need not worry; we have experience planning large-scale events such as festivals and have the resources to pull off even the largest summer bash. Here, we'll show you how to throw a summer bash with a festival spirit. Let's go in right now.


Picking the right venue is crucial to achieving the desired festival atmosphere. The key is to have enough room for all of your visitors, from the packed-full stage sections to the almost-empty chill-out zones, and to scale the size of your venue accordingly. Think rustic, but not too rural, to create a festival atmosphere. With a clean slate provided by an empty field, you can design your festival from the ground up. However, meeting the needs of each and every one of your visitors can add significant effort to your preparations. Festival-themed summer parties are best held on the lawns of grand country estates or in pubs with expansive beer gardens. This not only provides the essentials for throwing a fun party but also the room you need to let your imagination run wild.


In addition to food, lodging, and many other things, your festival will need entertainment. Even the most dedicated dancers might become bored after a while, so make sure there are other activities and sites to discover.

Games are essential because they allow your visitors to unleash their inner sportsman. Some examples include a slackline, a ring of rings, or, as this website suggests, a water slide, a dunk tank, or dry slides. You may even hire a professional teacher to teach attendees a new skill at your next big party. Photo booths, particularly ones that come with accessories for visitors to use in taking pictures, are also quite common. Photo booths are a great way to keep your guests engaged and guarantee that they will remember your party long after it has ended. Last but not least, if there are going to be any kids at your party, you'll need to make sure they have something to do. While face painting is always a hit, there are plenty of other options to keep kids entertained throughout the day while their parents get to kick back and enjoy the party.

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Food and Drinks

The menu for your party should be the next item on your mind. Renting many food trucks is your best bet for throwing a festival-themed celebration. You should provide a diverse spread of dishes so that every visitor may find something they like. It's also important to consider the needs of your festival attendees. Naturally, you want your guests to stay up and party with you until the wee hours of the morning. It's easy to get carried away while mixing beverages, but it's best to keep things simple. Since your guests will be outside basking in the warm summer sun all day, they will appreciate cool, refreshing drinks rather than complicated cocktails. Your visitors will appreciate having a place to rest their drinks and enjoy a meal. Tents in the form of a circus give welcome protection from the sun or rain, and hay bales are the epitome of rustic elegance, so feel free to be creative here.

Make an Event Timeline

Get started on preparations six months in advance, if possible. Three to six months before the festival, solidify the broad picture by deciding on the event's objectives, theme, and performers. One to three months before the event, finalize the caterer, permits, and any other activities. Don't worry about details like parking arrangements and printing festival maps until a month before the big event.

Get Social

An engaging strategy for attracting prospects at forthcoming summer festivals is to establish a social media presence. Either make use of the event's existing hashtag or look at how it's being covered on other social media sites. Then, all you have to do to generate interest and bring in people is keep up your social media presence before, during, and after the event. 

Participating in group activities is a great way to show that you care about the event and the people attending it. You may interact with prospects and potential customers and have genuine dialogues with them in this way as well. You may gain interest and connect with others at the event by sharing photos, interesting information, and videos from the scene.

Have a Backup Plan

Have a backup plan ready for those must-haves at your event. If your event will include an outdoor performance, keep in mind that summertime weather may be unpredictable, and have a backup plan ready in case the music has to be moved inside or the storm passes. A well-executed event will almost certainly include some kind of backup plan.


Your celebration should take visual cues from the festival aesthetic. Coming up with an overarching theme for your festival is a great place to start when thinking about decorations, since it will also help you organize the music and food. When planning the decorations for your party, keep in mind these two points: For starters, you may rent some yurts or marquees to serve as temporary roofs over people and equipment. However, after they are in place, you may fill them with decorations to give them an enchanted air. An equally important factor is the lighting. After sundown, your festival's atmosphere will be severely dampened by poor lighting. Make use of soft lighting, such as lanterns or fairy lights, to create a relaxing ambiance ideal for late-night conversations.

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You should now have a thorough understanding of how to organize the most successful festival for your visitors. When you include expert event agenda design advice and a failsafe guide to choosing an event caterer, you'll have everything you need to throw a successful summer festival.

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