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A Guide To Destination Marriage Ceremony: How To Prepare And What To Expect?

June 13, 2022

Having your wedding in some faraway destination seems like a dream come true, as you can enjoy the beautiful sun and the mesmerizing beaches while having the most memorable moment of your life. You also get the privilege of spending your honeymoon at the same place, skipping the whole ordeal of traveling back and forth, and your guests will surely be more than excited to attend such an event. However, like with every big moment, there is a lot of planning involved, and many details must be taken into account for the wedding to be more than perfect. We, therefore, sat down and made a little guide on destination ceremonies, what to expect and where to start. 


What time of year? 

If it is a tourist location, it attracts a crowd of visitors over the course of the year. This also means the prices of hotels and booking rates can be extremely high, so it would be smart to look for a time of the year when maybe the fluctuation of visitors is at its lowest. Another thing to consider is the season, as tropical destinations are known to have quite heavy rainfall most of the year. There are, however, times when it is mostly sunny and breezy, so we advise looking for weather forecasts and avoiding monsoon seasons at all costs. Also, in the case of more people going to mountain regions, look for a time of the year when snowfall or bad weather is not expected. Nothing can ruin a wedding like constant rain or heavy snowfall over a long period of time. This, of course, has to align with your free time and availability and that of the guest as well. Feel discouraged? No worries, it is possible to schedule all this and hold a wedding. Maybe the Christmas season might not be a bad pick and you might avoid the cold weather and snow in your hometown. 

Think of decorations and the wedding dress 

In terms of decoration, it comes down to your personal preferences and what you like. You can always go for a themed wedding as you’ll have some guidance in terms of picking the right decorations, music, and catering. When it comes to the wedding dress, it really depends on where the wedding will be held. In more tropical regions, you’ll have to make sure it goes perfectly with the hot weather and humidity. There are numerous choices of wedding dresses for the beach which are perfect for tropical destinations as they are a bit open on the back and made from light material that soothes your skin and makes it easier to handle the heat. While maybe a mountain region or forests acquire something more suitable for the occasion, made from thicker material, which will keep you warm during the whole ceremony. If you cannot find the time to think about all of this, just hire someone to help you with these details and make sure your wishes are all met. 

Seek professional help 

Hiring a professional coordinator to make sure the wedding goes as smoothly as possible is another piece of advice we can give you. This will allow you to focus more on details such as the menu and service, make-up, music, and other things relevant to the whole event, rather than spending hours behind your phone trying to book hotel rooms while at the same time struggling due to language differences. The coordinator will make on-the-spot decisions instead of you, which means you don’t have to worry whether your wishes will be fulfilled or not due to the long-distance setting up. Also, make sure to arrive at least 3 to 5 days earlier at the planned destination to make sure everything is alright with the whole venue.

Expenses and costs 

When it comes to the main expenses, traditionally, the guests are expected to cover their lodging and transportation. You can, however, make sure to give recommendations on possible lodging near the event, thereby making it easier for the guests to choose the best possible option. You can also take the extra step and look for cheap flights and make it possible for everyone to attend by asking about their schedules and availability. In some cases, you might cover the expenses of your closest friends and maybe loved ones if this is within your budget. Make this as clear as possible to avoid any unpleasant or uncomfortable situations in the future. 

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Make sure to pick the right location 

We mentioned how you should pay attention to the time of the year and weather, but you must also take into account the location itself and whether it is suitable for hosting such an event as a wedding. Some tropical regions and locations, even though they are tourist attractions, are not known for their safety, and this could be especially troublesome in the case of such a big event, as theft and other crimes could easily occur. Also, make sure the location is not across the world and go for something nearer, and look at reviews and other recommendations. We also advise planning more than just one event to keep your guests entertained. You could go local and make the theme of the wedding more traditional in accordance with the customs of the natives. This would be quite a twist, and it would be easier to organize as well. 

For a more relaxing yet memorable experience, you could explore the option of renting a yacht for your wedding. You and your guests can enjoy an open-air ceremony while cruising through the high seas, and you will make it an unforgettable event. You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to yacht rentals for weddings, so don't hesitate to explore different options and find the perfect fit. Not only will you make your wedding more unique, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the vastness of the ocean as a background.

One last piece of advice might be to have some extra cash on the side for maybe some unplanned expenses, like additional luggage, transportation fees, meals, and those extra events. Also, get travel insurance for your own safety, and make sure to take the necessary vaccination shots before you take off. 

It seems like a lot of work, and it is, but the whole experience will provide you with a memorable and astonishing wedding with memories that will last you forever. 

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