8 Fun and Unusual Facts About Traveling Around the World

8 Fun and Unusual Facts About Traveling Around the World

August 31, 2020


Travel has become a huge part of life as it is a great way to take a break from your everyday routine. Some people travel for fun, while others do it for business purposes. Whatever your reason for traveling is, it is unlikely that you know everything there is to know about travel. In this article, you will learn eight unusual fun facts about traveling around the world. So, keep reading to find out.

1. Jet Lags Are Severe When Traveling from West to East:  

Jet lag usually happens when you are traveling at high-speed aerial navigation, especially in diverse time zones. When this occurs, it disrupts your body's natural clock's synchronization temporarily, hence causing some discomfort.

This feeling can even be worse when you are traveling from west to east. Why is that? The primary reason is that the day tends to shrink a little when going from west to east, which can sometimes be hard for your brain to adapt. 

When you are traveling from east to west, your day is usually longer. This gives the brain more time to adapt hence reducing the chances of getting jet lag. You, therefore, need to prepare for the "shortened" day when traveling eastward. Getting up earlier can help your brain to anticipate the travel changes. 

2. Some Flights Take Less Than 2 Minutes:

The shortest commercial flight usually operates between Westray and Papa Westray, which are neighboring islands. This flight takes about one and a half minutes. Even so, the fastest flight between these destinations took less than 50 seconds, which is incredible. This means that, before you are even done setting up your roof rack for a limo find road trip, some people have already boarded a flight and reached their destination.

3. Traveling Reduces Stress: 


 As you become older, you start feeling the need to spend money traveling since you want to enjoy as much as you can before you can't anymore. However, that does not mean that you should wait until you are in your 50s or 60s to start traveling around the world. 

Compared to spending your money on material things, buying tickets to different places over a certain period makes you happier. Also, the happiness you get from traveling is more long-lasting than buying other things. For instance, when you buy things like watches, clothes, and electronics, you become happy at that moment, but then that feeling decreases over time.

When you travel and do fun activities such as sky diving or scuba diving, that feeling remains fresh in your mind forever. So, making memories is more powerful, and even remembering the activities you engaged in can help you to boost your moods, reducing stress levels significantly. 

4. Pilots Can't Eat the Same Thing on The Plane

 This one might sound like it is made up, but that is a fact. Airplanes usually have strict rules that must be followed by passengers, cabin crew, pilots, and any other staff. One of the rules states that the co-pilot & pilot must never eat the same food during the same hours, especially in the cockpit.

The simple explanation to this weird fact is that in case one gets sick such as a stomach related issue, then the other one will be able to take control of the plane. Doing this might be hard if both pilots ate the same food and experienced issues simultaneously, right? That would put everyone on the plane in danger.


5. The Temperature Outside the Plane is Abnormally Cold

Another fact that you probably didn't know about is that when you are on a plane, especially at about 35,000 ft, the temperature outside is usually below -60 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is colder than any other weather you can think of on the planet, and therefore, no mammal can survive if exposed to such.


6. There Are Forbidden Places on The Planet 

This is another fact that might sound false, but it is not. It is true that no matter how much you would love to reach every corner of planet earth, there are still some places that you can never set your foot into.

Here are some examples of forbidden places like Lascaux caves, France, The North Sentinel Island, India, Snake Island, Brazil & The tomb of Qin Shi, China.

These are just the most popular ones, but there are many forbidden places around the globe. One example, the Island in Brazil, is filled with golden lancehead vipers. One bite from such a snake will cause its poison to burn through your flesh, making you bleed to death in no time.

7. Your Personality Influences the Travel Destination



Personality traits play a huge role when it comes to picking where you want to travel to. There is an unusual fact that you are most likely to choose a hilly or isolated destination for your vacation if you are an introvert. Extroverted people, on the other hand, tend to prefer visiting beaches or cities for their vacations.

8. Traveling Makes You More Intelligent and Smarter

 Traveling can help boost your analytical and problem-solving skills. When you travel to new destinations, especially cities, you stay more alert as you do not know the place very well.

You also learn how to communicate better, even if you do not understand the native language very well. So, you are exposed to new people, places, sounds, smells, and tastes, which then triggers your brain to be more active. Additionally, being open to experiments makes you more intelligent in every aspect since you can see things from different angles, even after returning home.


Most people have a certain wanderlust, which can only be satisfied by traveling to different places worldwide. Traveling is surrounded by many facts that you probably know of. However, there are some weird facts that you might have heard of but thought they were pure lies. However, now you know some of the most unusual traveling facts that every traveler should know of.


Guest post by Rebecca Siggers 


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