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6 Ways You Can Show Off When Going On Vacation  

November 29, 2022

What’s the point of going on vacation if you can’t look like you’re having fun? If you want to show off your vacation photos to friends and family and get some likes on Instagram, there are lots of ways you can do so without spending too much money. To help you look like a million bucks on your next trip, here are six luxury activities that will help you look like an all-star when documenting your trip.

Charter Yacht

A charter yacht is when you book a boat for your private use, meaning you have exclusive rights to the boat. By hiring a charter yacht, you can enjoy perks such as meals prepared by a professional chef, luxurious bedding, and an open bar stocked with champagne and wine. If you're looking for that VIP experience that puts all others to shame, chartering is the way to go! Similarly, with charter hire, you can also choose what type of staff you need or want on board. You can hire a captain and crew or opt for just a captain. 

The price will vary depending on which services you require. In addition, if you have your own yacht you wish to use, there are yacht shipping around the world services available, so that you can still have your own yacht as an option! The next time you head out on vacation, consider chartering instead of renting. Why cook all of your own meals and plan your own activities when you can have a team of professionals do it for you? With this option, you can really show off to your friends back home!

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Stay In A Villa

Staying in a villa is a great option because it provides you with the privacy that you need for your vacation. It also offers better security, so you know that when you're there, you'll be as safe as possible. You don't have to worry about theft or people entering your place without permission. Plus, if it's nice out, you can enjoy being outside on the patio. Similarly, the options are relatively endless when it comes to different types of villa styles and amenities! You could opt for something luxurious like an exotic suite, but then again there are villas with more of a rustic charm that may be more up your alley. It all depends on what kind of experience you want to have during your stay. 

Book Private Transportation

Private transportation on vacation is an excellent option because it offers you more freedom, which means you can get out of the car whenever you want. Similarly, it's a great way to avoid any queues relating to public transport and waiting times. This option allows you privacy and more quality family time. If you are traveling solo, consider renting an RV or minivan in order to save money and have more space for storage and camping gear. Additionally, when taking any type of ride-share service, keep in mind that you will not be able to bring large items such as bicycles with you. And finally, be sure to budget for your transport before going so that you do not overspend. Although private transportation is a great way to show off, it can sure add up over time if you're not careful with it.

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Get VIP Access

VIP access is sure to make anyone feel like an A-Lister - especially when on vacation! Get up close with exotic animals, mingle with the locals, or just enjoy that luxurious feeling of not waiting in line. Some activities you could ask for VIP access to include: learning about traditional dance, diving into your next favorite cocktail at a cocktail-making class, or getting lost in some art at a fine art class. 

Shop At High-End Stores

Shopping is one of the many luxuries that await those looking to indulge during their time off from work. Be sure to take advantage of tax-free shopping by stocking up on the essentials at the airport! If you find yourself with some extra spending money whilst traveling, don’t forget to stop by a high-end boutique or jewelry store and pick up some expensive items that will make everyone back home jealous! If shopping isn't really your thing but you still want to show off while on vacation, just walk around town like royalty with all the designer handbags slung over your arm - no one will ever know!

Plan An Exclusive Experience

And finally, you could plan an exclusive experience to really romanticize this trip for yourself. Take cooking classes with your significant other in Tuscany, fly over the Norwegian fjords in a helicopter, or enjoy a day at one of the world’s most expensive hotels in Bangkok. No matter what you do while on vacation, try to make it something special!

Hopefully, something from this article inspires you on how to make your trip that bit more special. Just make sure that however you choose to show off, you’re doing it for yourself and not anyone else. You are the main character of your own vacation - so enjoy every second of it!

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