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6 Ways to Transition Your Look from Day to Night

January 17, 2022

Bag Look 

Party pieces have always been the most luxurious part of any women's wardrobe. The main place in every woman's party collection is occupied by accessories that have the power to transform the outfit and give the wow effect to every dressing combination. With a good selection of jewelry, a plain black dress can become a piece for which you will receive compliments throughout the evening. With the wise change of accessories, you can wear the same outfit numerous times and no one will notice that you are in the same clothes. A similar rule applies to all other classic party pieces, such as overalls or shirts.


Impressive Jewelry

women's jewelry 

This season's fashion jewelry is extravagant and striking. Jewelry allows you to make the simplest clothing combination unique and memorable, like the pieces you can find online here. Long hanging earrings are one of the key pieces that will help you transform your outfit from a day look to an evening combination. When it comes to rings, the bigger you have, the more modern will your outfit look. Draw attention to your upper body with a simple piece of jewelry around your neck.

Pick a Smaller Bag

 marble clutch purse

No matter how you are dressed, you should always switch your everyday bag for an evening one. But what does an evening bag mean? Well, they are usually smaller in size. Always chose a clutch bag if you can. If you do opt-out for a bigger bag, chose the one that has bold colors. Black, red, and silver are perfect. Avoid beige and other earth tones as they are better suited for day outfits. If you like focusing on the details, you can even switch your phone case to something more suitable for the evening.



Change Your Blazer

womens coat 

Although a blazer is always a great choice, this time you will put it aside because you probably already worn it as a part of your day outfit. Replace it with a modern leather jacket, and if you don't have it or don't like it, wear a striking coat or jacket that is unique in design. If you have a blazer with an interesting pattern, you can wear it too, just add jewelry that is a little bit extravagant or large, the ones that you definitely wouldn’t wear to work.



Womens heel 

You know what you should wear when it comes to evening shoes – heels are always a great choice! Replace flat shoes with high heels, which will automatically give your appearance a special touch. You will look more elegant and sexy. High heels are not something we usually wear to work, or during a day. They are still a centerpiece of every evening outfit. 

Wear a Fashion Statement Belt

 Womens belt

The belt is one of the favorite fashion details and can seamlessly transform your look from monotony to fun. In summer they are combined with swaying dresses and shorts, while in winter they serve to emphasize the waist when we wear tunics, and they also give a special look to winter coats. Best of all, you can wear them in many ways, from the artistic knot to the bold bow. Quality belts with interesting details, like a large buckle, will transform your everyday look into an extravagant evening outfit. There are various combinations of materials, accentuated decorative details, but also seams and colors, you can choose from. 

Grunge Aesthetic

Grunge Aesthetic

Grunge style is about to look good without actually trying to look good. It is about negating all of the rules of fashion. Brutal grunge music first appeared in Seattle, the bands as Nirvana and Alice in the Chains began the trend of rocking the “bad hair day” and wearing a “thief-store” like clothes. Key colours of the grunge aesthetic are black, brown, red, green, blue and grey, but not neons.


Daytimes are for business when you need to look professional and put together. But nights are different. They’re usually reserved for going out, socializing with lovers, friends, and family members. Free your long-flowing locks from that tight bun, loosen up that tie or open a button or two. It’s time to relax and have fun!


Add a Dramatic Scarf

womens scarf  

The scarf is a fashion accessory that you can wear through all 4 seasons. It fits perfectly with the day and evening outfits. You can wear it in your hair, around your neck, over your shoulder instead of a jacket, and as an accessory for a bag. Choose the scarf in bold colors for the complete evening look. Tie a smaller silk scarf around your neck for a Hollywood look, or wear a larger see-through scarf over your shoulders for a more romantic look. The scarf you wore in your hair as a ribbon during the day, can now be tied like a turban for a more dramatic evening look. With high heels and carefully selected pieces of jewelry, you'll have the perfect combination for the evening.

Guest Post by Marica 

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