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5 Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for a Dreamy Wedding

October 14, 2021


A backyard wedding fulfills the idea of an intimate gathering; plus, it’s not that expensive to pull off. Tying the knot with only the nearest and dearest in attendance also seems the most practical choice in the time of COVID-19. 

As the venue for the wedding ceremony and party, the yard definitely demands special and serious attention. And here are ways to make sure it will be at its best for the occasion, along with other necessary preparations.

Prepare Your Lawn 

It all starts with a lush, well-manicured lawn, where the exchanging of vows, merrymaking, and picture taking happen.

From planting new flowers and manicuring the grass to decorating the space with lights and other elements, you can create a stunning backdrop for your nuptials, and great photos in order to create a wedding photo book that is captivating. Utilize spaces in the lawn that would make for interesting seating or prop areas, such as a gazebo or a small treehouse. You can also plant flowers in vibrant hues to bring out the beauty of the natural environment and make it look even more beautiful in your photos.

Do you need months or days to prepare your lawn for the wedding? That would depend on many things, such as the grass variety and the work required to plant a new lawn or fix brown patches. You may also have to level your yard to remove bumps that could cause accidents or drainage problems. 

Keeping your lawn hydrated is essential if you want it to look green and great on the big day.  Water early, deeply, and once or twice a week. Also, check that every part of your sprinkler system works properly to water effectively and efficiently. For any worn or faulty valves, find new sprinkler valves or replacement parts at a Sprinkler Supply Store.     

Clean, Declutter

There are two more things to make your outdoor space “wedding-ready”:

  • Clean: Power washing can effectively remove grime and dirt from outdoor surfaces and enhance their appearance. Concrete (e.g., driveways, walkways, and pavers) and brick are examples of surfaces that are safe for power-wash cleaning. Because the results rely on the techniques, especially when dealing with materials like wood and metal, it may be wise to hire professionals.

  • Clear: Your yard can be a hotbed of hazards, including sharp tools lying around and clutter attracting pests. Go over the miscellaneous items littering the yard, and decide which to donate, recycle, sell, or keep. Store the lawnmower, power tools, and garden supplies in a secure place away from children and pets. 

  • Create a Layout 

    With your yard cleaned and cleared out (or in the process), it’s easier to see the lay of the land and how much space you have. Visualize where to hold the ceremony, set up the reception, the dance floor, the DJ’s booth, and many moving parts. 

    For your vision to materialize, draw a backyard layout incorporating these items:

  • Outdoor furniture: COVID-19 restrictions limit the number of people gathering in one place, and you’ll have to figure out a seating plan that encourages social distancing. Consider comfortable garden chairs, a runner over the grass carpet, a floral arch or arbor, and flowers or plants as decor for the ceremony. For the reception, you can be elaborate with the table setting, combining elements and textures that show personality and taste.  
  • Decor and details: Like outdoor furniture and cutlery, you can rent wedding decor or make table candles and faux flowers. With nature as the backdrop, there may be a lesser need for other decorations.
  • Lighting: Strategically illuminating the place gets everyone in the mood for dancing and dining. String lights can be the focal point by way of a starry canopy or accentuate the arch. Landscape and deck lighting can add to the illumination and safety.  
  • Plants: Growing flowers and herbs for boutonnières, bouquets, corsages, and garlands may reduce the cost of wedding flowers. Alternatively, consider potted plants that can line the aisle, serve as table centerpieces, form part of the photo wall, or be given to guests as wedding souvenirs.
  • Party favors: Dedicate a nook for the wedding favors. This display shows appreciation for the guests and reminds them to pick up their gifts before leaving. The options for party favors are limitless, but personalized such as notebooks, chargers and other items that are useful can do the trick. The wine guys in your life would be glad to get custom gift baskets of wine and more. 

  • backyard wedding design

    Plan for Contingencies

    Rain on your wedding day supposedly brings good luck and creates a romantic atmosphere for photos. It also means keeping tents ready or setting them up to provide shade from the sun as well. Umbrellas are handy too.

    That’s just the weather and the uncertainty it brings. Here are more things to think about when you create your wedding day survival plan:  

    • Transportation and accommodation of guests
    • Power outage 
    • Wardrobe malfunctions 
    • Medical emergencies, like heat exhaustion, fainting and choking

    Ensure that you are insured or possess adequate coverage for the backyard wedding. Also, obtain the necessary permits to host the event at home.

    Prepare Your Home Too

    Take this opportunity to inspect and address issues that could affect the comfort and safety of everyone in the home. For example, you may have to rent a generator or add a new bathroom. 

    Aside from repairs, you can carry out home improvements that don’t cost much. Spring cleaning, repainting, and using rugs in high-traffic areas are some ways to upgrade your home on a budget.  

    Indeed, the success of a backyard wedding rests on the lawn and more. Prepare today, get married tomorrow.   

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