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10 Fun and Creative Jewelry Options to Suit Your Quirky Personality

April 14, 2023

Many of us say we “aren’t jewelry people,” but it’s more likely that we’re not looking for pieces that reflect our own individual style. If you look beyond classic pieces, you’re sure to find pieces that will turn you into a jewelry lover. With that said, it’s hard to know where to start looking.

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In this article, we brought together a bunch of fun and creative jewelry options that are a bit on the quirky side. These options range from hand-painted portrait brooches to body wrap chains along with unique mens wedding bands made from meteorite which are literally, out of this world.

Jewelry can really bring an outfit together, but some of the options you’ll find are boring. If you’re looking for pieces that are fun, creative, and reflect your quirky personality, keep on reading.

1. Colorful Glass Earrings

Vibrant-colored glass earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, opt for bright, bold hoops or quirky geometric shapes to match your boldness. If you want a piece that’s one of a kind, find an independent jeweler who can make you blown or dichroic glass earrings. 

2. Portrait Brooches

Brooches come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick out one that stands out and wears it with pride on your shirt, scarf, or bag. But if you’re really looking for something quirky, check out Rotenier’s Rémanimals. Their portrait brooches include hand-made portraits of suited animals.

3. Leather Necklace with Charms

Charms offer a fun way to bring personality to your look. Add a leather necklace with multiple charms, from a little car to a coffee cup. If you want something more traditional, you can always go with a silver or gold chain. Either way, the charms are what make the necklace personal. 

4. Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are one step out of the bounds of your traditional style. Something like large earrings can make a big impact. From hanging gold hoops and big jeweled earrings to shells, these statement pieces add an interesting touch to your look and overall style.

5. A Fun Scarf

Scarves are a great way to express yourself, especially if you have long hair. With long hair, you can braid in the fabric or tie your mane up into a ponytail. When shopping for a scarf, find one that’s thin for the summer or thick for the winter. Make sure it’s made of quality fabric.

6. Colorful Layers of Bangles


Wearing colorful layers of bangles is the perfect way to make a statement. You can mix and match to create the exact combination you want. Bangles can also be an elegant way to accessorize an outfit if you’re not a traditional jewelry person or your attire is more muted.

7. A Body Wrap Chain

Statement layered necklaces are pretty in right now, so consider getting something even more unique, like a body wrap chain. They’re often confused for layered necklaces, but a body chain wraps around your arms and rests on the breastbone. These pieces look great with a blouse.

8. A Beautiful Headband

Bring on the color with colorful purple, pink, blue, and red headbands. Opt for different-shaped headbands, such as square or round, to enhance the look. If you want to further accessories your headband, pick out one with beads, pearls, feathers, lace, and other unique elements. 

9. A Funky Choker

Chokers just recently went off trend, but there are still so many styles to choose from. From simple beaded ones to studded pieces, you can go big or small depending on the look you want. Basic black tattoo chokers are the easiest to find and tend to pair with most outfits.

10. Wireless Earrings

Wireless earrings are the perfect pick for when you want a minimalist look. The good thing about them is that you can also listen to music with them, and many styles can pass as clip-on earrings. The Nova H1 Audio Earrings are the most popular example of this type of jewelry. 

In Conclusion…

These 10 jewelry pieces are the perfect way to show your quirky personality. Whether you’re looking for something bold and colorful or a subtle minimalist look, you can now show your unique style with ease. Consider mixing and matching the above options for all of your outfits.

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