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Timeless Kitchen: Soft Modern Decor Tips You Know

March 23, 2023

The kitchen is the heart of every home and thus it should be timeless and soft in decor. You don’t want to spend hours with your family in this room and not enjoy it. That is why many people decide to upgrade their kitchen with soft modern decor. There are some classic features in this design, as it is timeless, but the focus is mostly on sustainability and clean lines paired with minimalism. So, if you want the kitchen decor in your home to be timeless, let’s see how you can achieve that.

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Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinetry is minimalist and it offers a clean design and simple lines. This all brings your kitchen decor to a level of timeless elegance. In order to achieve this look, you should look for shaker cabinet doors that consist of a recessed panel and a four-piece wood frame. This design of cabinets is simple and clean and it has no embellishments, which goes nicely with the soft modern look. If you're looking for inspiration and ideas, visiting a Noblessa showroom Phoenix might provide you with some compelling examples of how to incorporate these cabinets into your home. Whether you prefer a darker wood or a lighter one, shaker-style cabinets will bring a timeless touch to your kitchen.

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Elegant Walls

Even though the soft modern design is minimalistic, you still shouldn’t leave your kitchen walls bare and empty. Instead, you can keep them clean with smaller upgrades. For example, you can find custom-made posters at Posteramo and choose colors and simple lines that will nicely go with your modern kitchen. Additionally, to bring personality to the walls, you can pick darker shades of green or blue to create a pop of color and accentuate the walls. Another way is to choose a simple yet interesting design for the backsplash behind the sink.

Furniture with Wood Effect

Wood kitchens still remain extremely popular. This is due to the material’s connection with nature, and the outdoors, and its durability and simple lines. Additionally, you can easily match wood pieces to any color palette in your kitchen, and this is truly timeless. And if the all-wood kitchen furniture is not your style, you can opt for adding pieces with wood effects or wooden touches here and there. This will provide a homely farmhouse feel to your kitchen, while the design can stay modern and soft.

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Marble and Granite Worktops

Nothing speaks elegance better than marble and granite. You can choose marble or granite for your kitchen worktops and get that elevated and sophisticated design. Additionally, the kitchen will look clean, and smooth, and you won’t have to worry about durability, stains, or water damage. Besides being low-maintenance, these materials come in a variety of colors and patterns which makes them easy to blend into any timeless kitchen decor.

Hidden Shelves

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It is known that a kitchen should have plenty of storage. However, if you don’t want exposed shelving all around the room, opt for hidden shelves. To achieve this, you can rely on built-in hidden storage that will preserve the soft and clean lines in the kitchen, while it will reduce clutter and mess. Shelves hidden in closets and cabinets will allow you to maximize the space, while the design will stay elegant, and clean and it will feel open.


No kitchen should be messy and uncomfortable. This is the place where you can spend hours with your family and enjoy preparing meals. That is why you should consider getting it a timeless look. With these simple tips on preserving the soft modern style, your kitchen will transform, and you will get the most out of the space. So, it is safe to say that these upgrades should make your list of next renovation projects.

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