The Art Minimalist Style

The Art Minimalist Style

June 04, 2018



The art of minimalism dates back centuries. With our cluttered, sensory-overloaded modern world, it’s no wonder minimalism is finding a resurgence. There are several reasons it’s a fantastic way of life to embrace. Less in your closet or on your desk brings a natural state of peace to your environment. It’s easier to think in a place that has less clutter, the same way it’s easier to concentrate in a quiet setting than a loud rock concert.

Think of the stuff around you as noise. The less you surround yourself with unnecessary knick-knacks, the less “noise” exists in your space. Minimalism also makes finding things more manageable and cleaning your desk or home a breeze. There are several ways to incorporate minimalism into your style.

Clear House Clear Thoughts

A clean home and desk allow for clearer thinking. Have you noticed how much better you feel after thoroughly cleaning a room? The practice of minimalism in your house or workspace not only clears out metaphorical baggage to allow in new ideas, but it also lets the pieces of décor you genuinely love shine. When your home is cluttered, even the most beautiful artwork can get lost in a mess. Remove the unnecessary and watch how your favorite artwork radiates more beautifully on your walls.

minimalist desk

Charging wires also seem to be everywhere with the mass of technology around us. So, why not invest in charging devices that both declutter and look amazing on their own? Finding small ways to beautify what is typically considered an eyesore is a crucial component of minimalism.

Timeless Style with Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist fashion

The same goes for your sense of fashion. When you overdo your style with too much makeup, jewelry, or an excess of accessories, it’s hard to focus on one piece or one part of your look. However, if you select a few statement items such as well-tailored clothes and a classic bracelet, it lends your appearance a more elegant vibe. You’re also more likely to get compliments on those hand-selected accessories when your outfit has less clutter. The people with the classiest looks historically styled their appearance around clean lines, high-quality threads, and a couple of superb pieces of jewelry and accessories.

How to Start Adding Minimalism to Your Style


Minimalist office

Don’t know where to start? As minimalist lifestyle expert Marie Kondo outlines, there are some fundamental ways to start tidying up your life. First, take your time. It might take months to declutter your life thoroughly. Set aside a chunk of time each week, put on soothing music and get in a donating frame of mind. As you move through each room or closet, pay attention to how much joy every item you touch brings you.

Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, or an item on a shelf think about three factors:

·         Have you used it in the last five or six months, or will you use it in the very near future?

·         Is it a nostalgic item that has sentimental value?

·         Does it bring you great joy when you look at it, wear it, or pick it up?

If you can say no to all three, get rid of it. Getting rid of stuff can be a great way to make a little side money if you decide to sell your unwanted items. Alternatively, give them to charity. You’ll feel good about donating everyday clothes, a suit that doesn’t quite fit anymore, or a lamp you don’t love, but someone else can’t afford. With each week, go through another area of your home, closets, or office. Within a month or so, you’ll feel the freeing sensation of minimalism. When you decide to invest in something new, you’ll likely realize you will have a more conscious sense of your ideal style.


Guest Post: Jane Sandwood

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