Make Your Gift Stand Out With Creative Presentation

Make Your Gift Stand Out With Creative Presentation

April 08, 2020


Corporate Gift Packaging

Americans love to give gifts but sometimes it’s difficult to wrap them in a unique way that disguises what’s inside or step away from store-bought wrapping paper. All gifts, whether they’re homemade or bought, can be transformed into something with the wow factor if it’s presented in the right way, whether it’s hiding jewelry within another gift or having custom-made wrapping paper to bring an extra big smile to the recipients face.

Spice up gift cards

Minimalist Wallet

Despite 60% of Americans feel happy about receiving gift cards, making them the most popular item on people’s wish list, they look quite underwhelming, especially when the recipient is surrounded by large gifts wrapped in colorful paper with ribbons and bows. There are plenty of ways to spruce up the presentation of gift cards that can make your gift stand out. Get a mason jar, fill the it with candy and hide the gift card in the middle to make a great surprise for someone, especially if you don’t mind them thinking that you didn’t get them much until they go to look at it later in the day. This also gives them something to unwrap, making it a good option for children. Another idea is to use printable templates to make personalized gift card holders that have a colorful print or say on them what the gift is for, such as ‘thank you’ or ‘happy birthday’.

Notebooks, phone, and tablet cases

Good mood iPhone xs case

The majority of people now have a phone and/or tablet and they want to protect these with cases that reduce the risk of the screens getting damaged or water getting into them. Similarly to gift cards, these types of gifts can look underwhelming when wrapped in a conventional way. You could add some ribbons and bows to make them look more special and even get custom-printed wrapping paper so that it acts as an additional gift. For example, you could have the paper printed with the recipient’s favorite photos on, such as memories together, holidays, pets and family. This also works well for notebooks and other gifts that are flat so will show the paper off well.

Necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry

Wrapping jewelry can be difficult because it’s often small and fiddly, which is why jewelry boxes are always a go-to. While these look nice and present the jewelry well, they’re pretty predictable. One option is to throw the recipient off guard completely by wrapping the gift in a Russian doll style, where you use a bigger box and they gradually open the boxes until they reach the smallest one that contains your gift. If you are looking for a place to buy viking arm ring, be sure to check out different websites and offers. Alternatively, disguise the jewelry in with another gift, such as putting a bracelet on a teddy bear, a necklace around a box of chocolates or buy a jewelry holder and put some earrings on it. Not only does the recipient get two gifts, but they won’t be expecting the jewelry to be part of it. 

Get creative with cufflinks

handcrafted marble cufflinks

Cufflinks are similar to wrapping jewelry, particularly earrings, due to their size, but not many men will appreciate a jewelry holder. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could draw a picture or do a painting, anything to create a scene. Add the cufflinks as part of the artwork to disguise them. How effective this depends on the cufflinks as quirky ones will fit into a lot of different painting ideas, but you could use plain ones to add some shine to a scene of stars in the night’s sky.

The person receiving the gift from you will remember your gift as you’ll have put more thought, time and effort into making it extra special for them. This can transform a simple gift into something unforgettable or completely throw someone off who’s expecting jewelry.


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