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Interior Design Trends: Small Upgrades for Big Impact

May 12, 2024

 Living Room

Whenever we decide to change homes or redecorate, we usually like to imagine something grand that would completely transform the way we see our house. The truth is, we usually need only a small change in order to breathe a new life into our living space. It does not have to cost a fortune so you can breathe a sigh of relief since most of these ideas can be implemented without overspending.

These are some suggestions on how to give your old place a brand-new look with very little work.

Colors are always a safe bet

In case you are a fan of bright colors, this is great news. You can either repaint only one wall or add a yellow/turquoise new piece of furniture and your room will instantly look fresh and unique. Repainting the old drab furniture has been a trend for quite some time now and on the plus side, it can give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you see your old coffee table in a new colorful manner

Rearrange the furniture

Bedroom Living

Don’t despair if you don’t have enough to purchase new pieces of furniture.  Rearranging the furniture, you already have is a great way to give your interior a make-over. You only need a little bit of creativity. Move the furniture to the center of the room, so you’ll have the impression that you’re living in a much bigger space.

Add plants

If you’re not a plants person, having flowers and plants inside your home can seem like a hassle. So, if you’re not down for watering and checking up on plants, Luckily, there are cacti and other types of succulents which are very trendy at the moment. For others who enjoy taking care of the plants, potted flowers can look stunning whether big or small.

Marble is actually a good choice

Marble bathroom

Back in the day, marble floors and slabs were reserved only for the richest. Fortunately, things have changed a lot, so nowadays, we can afford to have marble in our homes without draining our wallets. It’s always advisable to have marble in smaller quantities. Think furniture, statement pieces, columns or fireplace mantels. Just be careful – if you incorporate too much of it, your room will look cold and severe. That’s the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. Interiors should be warm and pleasant, with a touch of sleek and some cold detail to make it look balanced.

Mix traditional and modern

Fusion between old and new is making splashes in the interior design community. If done right, it could leave your home looking stunning. If you decide to have antique furniture, add contemporary artwork or cutting-edge technology pieces. Or, alternatively, if you prefer new and elegant furniture, look for some classy leather lounge suites and add several vintage throw cushions on top in order to achieve that impeccably finished look.

Bathrooms matter, too

We usually don’t spend a lot of time in the bathrooms (unless we have to) so that’s usually the place we spend the least time decorating. That should change, since pretty bathroom means you’ll dedicate more time to personal grooming as well.

Having a beautiful bathtub means you can treat yourself to bubble baths, complete with candles and soothing music. Relaxing in the bath can be beneficial and there’s nothing better than a sleek and elegant freestanding bath where you can unwind after a long, stressful day at work.

Have a gallery wall

Whenever we think about wall decorations, we imagine wallpapers or a couple of big paintings. Very few people consider having a gallery wall, which could transform any dull looking wall into a lively, chic gallery. You can showcase your art (if you have any), support your arty friends by proudly displaying their work, or just put anything that inspires you (classic movie posters, personal photos etc.) The gallery wall is also a brilliant way to incorporate your flat-screen TV without it standing out. Keep in mind that screen printed posters look much better framed than having them up in a tacky fashion. Plus, they add to the overall look of your interior. 

Create a gorgeous library

Someone once said, “There’s more to life than books, but not much more”. We must agree, but unfortunately, a lot of us can’t afford to have a separate room for books. In that case, all you need to do is find the right bookshelf and add all your favorite books. Depends on your tastes, but your bookshelves can range from ordinary to something more unconventional.

Having books in your home will show it in a totally different light: smarter, more creative and a bit more one-of-a-kind.


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