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How to Incorporate Artifacts in Home Design to Keep a Memory of a Late Family Member

February 15, 2022

When a loved one dies, it can be challenging to keep their memory alive. One way to do this is by incorporating artifacts into your home design. It can be anything from a picture on the wall to a piece of furniture they own. By doing this, you'll have a daily reminder of your loved one and the memories you shared. Plus, it can be a great conversation starter for visitors. Don't worry if you're unsure how to incorporate artifacts into your home design. The following tips will help you get started:


Use Urn as Art

Urns hold the ashes of a deceased person after cremation. However, this can be used as an artistic design element, too. You can use themed memorial urns to honor your loved ones. A beautiful urn filled with another item that reminds you of the person could be placed on display in the home. 

Another way that this concept is often used is with an empty urn turned into a vase or pot to hold living plants. It creates a space filled with their favorite items while making the home feel serene and peaceful.


Books are a great way to remember your loved one. They can create an indirect storyline about a person's interests. Find a corner for books that your loved one owned. By displaying the books, you are honoring the life interests of your late family member

Ask other family members and friends of the deceased for their fondest memories of your loved one. You can then compile the stories into a single book. It will ensure extra special family holidays filled with sweet and funny recollections of your loved one.

Repurpose Items With Meaning

Keep your hands busy with repurposing items with meaning. For instance, you could turn a piece of furniture into a memory box that holds items that remind you of your loved one. An old drawer or trunk can be decorated and filled with favorite objects, such as an old watch, journal, or book. 

This keepsake will always be close to your heart when in the living room. Additionally, if they were crafty in life, you could repurpose a chest of drawers into a storage space for craft items. Doing something creative together is a great way to cherish memories while pursuing your passions simultaneously.

Family Tree

It is easy to feel unmoored when you lose a loved one, especially a parent or elder. Planting a tree or garden in memory of a deceased family member is a symbolic way of progressing the life cycle. It symbolizes the fact that your loved ones lived, not that they have died. 

Each year when the tree blossoms, you can bring the branches into the house as a sign for the celebration of life. If you don't have enough space for this project, some organizations can plant one for you after donating.

Use Their Name as Design Motifs

Personalizing design aspects of the home with someone's name is a simple way to show love and respect. For instance, you could use their initials or full name as monogrammed towels for guests or artful flourishes around the house such as tableware plates or lampshades. 

There are many ways that their name could be designated within different spaces in the home, including photo frames that spell out a favorite phrase or saying from a family member. It would also be possible to have tiles made with their name engraved on them. You can do this for a coffee table or kitchen backsplash.


memory lane

Compiling photos is a simple way to remember a deceased family member. You can display old photographs of your beloved thoughtfully. Dialogue and photos can comfort the bereaved incredibly when hesitant to discuss a loved one. Besides a memorial collage, you can put together a decorative photo album. 

Creating a tribute photobook is a helpful grieving practice and a good souvenir for you. Do not shy away from incorporating unique photo displays into your home. It can also be a great chance to digitize photos. With digitized photos, you can preserve old family photos and create online albums which you can access anytime, from anywhere.

Many people feel comfortable when they remember their loved ones. It can help them to embrace their memories while keeping them close at hand, which is why many choose to decorate homes in ways that remind them of those that have passed. Keep these suggestions in mind for ways you can use design elements around your home to honor and cherish the memories of past family members and friends.

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