Classic Hacks to Add Style to Your Living Space

Classic Hacks to Add Style to Your Living Space

June 19, 2019

Living room design

Classic Hacks to Add Style to Your Living Space

Creating the perfect living space means finding the right balance between functionality, comfort, and style. However, this task often seems difficult to achieve when decorating our living spaces on a budget. No matter how much money we spend on decent furniture, we often neglect the slightest details that make all the difference in the room. 

With the right tips and tricks, you can transform your home into a comfortable oasis. Not to mention, add style to your living space. 

Modernize With Art 

Using contemporary and modern art is what makes any interior space feel rooted in today, no matter the time period of the piece. Instead of looking for art pieces that “match” the interiors, choose photographs and pictures that complement the colors of the rooms. You can even add a bit of humor into your home with modern animal portraits. But that doesn’t mean you have to use that 90s horse poster you once had. Instead, opt for modern prints or your own family pet’s portrait. 

Indulge with Scents 

Candle Scent

Candles help set the tone of the living space as they bring intimacy and relaxation, depending on where you place them. However, there are some fragrances that just won’t enhance certain rooms. A kitchen that smells like lavender and linen or a bathroom that smells like pumpkin spice or cinnamon might seem a little out of place, for instance. 

If you have a candle scent you love but find that it’s too overpowering for a small setting, you might consider using it in your living room instead. Select wood wick candles with a fruity scent like lime and coconut or even linen and beach fragrances will do wonders to making your living room feel classic and spacious. 

Display in 3s

marble tray

Keep the space well balanced in style by arranging décor in threes. Displaying a trio looks visually appealing and balanced, especially when heights, sizes, and materials are combined. You can start by testing a small table or corner and then apply the concept to various areas of the living space. Incorporate a marble tray with eccentric pieces like a vase and miniature plant to complete the look. Just make sure not to overdo it. Otherwise, the effect will look sloppy. 

Find the Perfect Coffee Table 

Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and more. However, having such a great variety to choose from comes with its share of challenges. The best way to choose your coffee table is to start with the angles.  If you have a sectional sofa, opt for a uniquely shaped table. You can even choose a coffee table in sets of threes to move them around where and when you need them. 

Do you find your living room too overcrowded? It’s a good idea to eliminate any extra visual clutter from the room. Choose pieces with open bases or glasses surfaces.

Incorporate Low-Fuss Houseplants


Houseplants are a well-loved staple item in many interior designs. The only problem is, they can be hard to keep alive.  You can include ivy plants into your home as a classic staple or choose a versatile aloe plant. Both of which are easy to maintain with a bit of care. 

Play with different size plants and designs. You can combine big plants near large pieces of furniture while small plants can be mixed within tables and empty corners. Make sure to provide them with enough light and nutrients to survive the indoor environment.

Amp Up Neutrals with Pops of Color

The first impression you create about your home should not be overlooked, even if you live in a small space. For a versatile color that compliments neutrals, marble tiles are your best bet. Try layering every tile of it into your neutral wall for an exciting new look. Consider pairing gold and a metallic shade for a sharp and stylish upgrade to the living room. 

Learn the Art of Layering

If you want to make your living room look like it came out of a magazine, layering is the way to go. Start small and add more layers as you get comfortable with the layout of the space. This could be pillows on the sofa or throw pillows on the floor. Experiment with different colors, textures, and materials until you’re satisfied with the results. 

Display Your Hobbies 

Nothing makes your home more personalized than showing details about “you.” Display objects or crafts that you love doing. Incorporate old creators or equipment into your décor. This will ensure an interesting display, creating the perfect opportunity for discussion and even quality time with your loved ones who share the same interests. 

Provide Invisible Storage

A discreet, yet well-designed storage space is a must-have in all homes. But, how often do we consider the tiny objects that make the room look more cluttered than it really is? Use an ottoman to store magazines, a decorative glass jar for pens, and a tray for bills and mail. Once you tuck these items away to an invisible place, your living room will look more organized and comfortable. 

Keep Baskets Ready

Baskets are great storage options to fill with clutter if you plan to carry from room to room or before unexpected guests arrive. Not to mention, they look much more expensive than they actually are. Place a few of them around the home in less-than-hidden spots to make them feel part of the interior décor. 

You can choose different shapes and sizes, but they should all be uniform in texture, material, and color. Otherwise, the room will look too busy. However, complementary materials will make the design totally unique in a neutral area. 

Lastly, the easy hack for your home is to make your living space about who you are and what you enjoy. Make it a room you are eager to spend time in and enjoy with your loved ones. After all, the living room is a community space to share with the family. 

Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

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