6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

October 27, 2019

Marble bathroom

Have you ever been to a luxury hotel? If you have, you most definitely noticed that the bathrooms at these hotels are really amazing. Who knew that so much design and style could be implemented inside a bathroom?! Luxury bathrooms have a lot of amazing elements that make them super comfortable and beautiful. I, for one, have been obsessed with upgrading my bathroom to make it look amazing after I saw a luxury bathroom, and who wouldn't want their bathroom to appear luxe and lavish. 

Now, adding some of the big stuff like a hot tub might be a little expensive, but there are a lot of other areas where an upgrade can really make your bathroom look amazing and inviting. There are a lot of easy and amazing ways in which you can make your bathroom look super luxurious and amazing.  

      Upgrade the Walls

Carrara Marble bathroom

You should start from the basics, one of the main elements of a bathroom or any other room that affects its style and design is, of course, the walls. You need to add a little more style and design to the walls of your bathroom. Neutral colors that are soothing and calming are the way to go for the paint of the bathroom walls. 

You should also consider adding some elegant tiles to your walls. There are a lot of amazing options for tiles in the market, choose some in a neutral color that are in contrast with the rest of the installments in your bathroom. You can also add some artwork to your walls to make them look more amazing and add an extra design element to your bathroom. 

      Add Large Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror

A very distinct feature that you may have noticed in luxury bathrooms is that they tend to have very large mirrors. These mirrors have a lot of functionality when it comes to the design and style of your bathroom. First of all, the large mirrors make your bathroom feel bigger and more spacious than it actually is. The mirrors also improve the lighting of the bathroom and add a lot of style and design to it. Also, this is a fairly inexpensive upgrade that can significantly improve the look of your bathroom. 

      Improve the Lighting

The lighting is one of the most important design features that can make or break the design of a room. Even if you have the most elegant decor and the best-designed room, if they aren't properly lit, they can feel uninviting. The same concept applies to your bathroom. You need to put some effort into the lighting fixtures of the bathroom because a simple overhead light is just not going to work. Add multiple LED ceiling lights and also look into adding some pendant lights in front of the large mirror to help you in your makeup or grooming. 

Like any other room, a luxury bathroom also needs to have a balance of natural and artificial light. If your bathroom already doesn't have one, you should add a window. You can use one-way glass or some decorative glass on the window to make it look more elegant. If you have a window, you will also need to add some window fixtures. Elegant looking blinds that are in contrast with the paint and other elements of your bathroom are the best option in my opinion.    

      Add Some Luxury Accessories

Now, if you are upgrading your bathroom, you will need to add some luxury accessories. This phase of the upgrade depends a lot upon your budget. If you have the budget, you need to go for some amazing luxury items like a hot tub or a walk-in shower. But if you are a little low on budget, then don't worry; there are a lot of amazing luxury accessories that you can add to your bathroom on a budget. 

One easy and affordable luxury upgrade that you can easily install yourself is a new showerhead. There are a lot of amazing options available in the market. You should also get some other elegant looking accessories for your bathroom like a stylish and elegant soap dispenser, trashcan, toothbrush holder and soap holder. You should also buy some good quality shampoos, conditioners, soaps and body wash as these products are also essential luxury accessories. You can go to HomeAddons to check some amazing products and their reviews. 

      Add Some Decorative Soaps and Candles

Bathroom Accessory

After you are done with the larger upgrades, you should also add some small elements that will complete the look of your bathroom. Start by buying some decorative soaps and displaying them on your sink counter. These soaps can add a lot of color to the design of your bathroom, and they can also add an amazing fragrance to the place, which is essential for the luxury feel. 

You should also place some scented decorative candles in your bathroom. You can light the candles while taking a bath to fill the place up with an amazing scent. These candles also contribute to the rich color pallet of your bathroom. You should also place some amazing decorative towels in the bathroom for a luxury feel.  

      Add a Stone Counter to the Sides of Your Sink

Glacier white marble table

Another very common design feature that can be seen in almost every luxury bathroom is countertops on the sides of the sink. Many normal bathrooms don't have any countertops on the sides of the sign, and they are missing out on a lot of advantages. 

Firstly, these countertops make your bathroom look amazing and luxurious, but they also have a lot of utility. They can give you a lot of extra storage space in the bathroom if you create drawers and cabinets under the countertop. You can also place a lot of extra items on these countertops. You can place your decorative soaps and candles, and you can also keep all of your toiletries and accessories on the countertops. Sink side countertops are an essential design feature that you should add to your bathroom if you want the luxury look and feel.    


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