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6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Bathroom with Oval Lighted Mirrors

June 25, 2024


Remodeling procrastination ends today! The time has arrived for the new bathroom upgrades you’ve put off far too long already. New upgrades take your bathroom aesthetics to the next level while providing modernized features and functionality. Do not look at remodeling as a tedious task, but instead, an opportunity to recreate your home. With simple, easy bathroom upgrades, your lavatory becomes more pleasant and enjoyable, perfect for those intimate moments. Ensure oval LED lighted mirrors are part of your bathroom upgrade.

 Sleek and modern, oval LED mirrors are popular in bathrooms across the country, beloved for their practical benefits and phenomenal appeal.  If you want an upgrade that won’t break the bank but will accentuate and benefit your life, oval-shaped mirrors are the perfect choice. Let’s examine seven reasons why oval mirrors should be part of your bathroom upgrade.

Mirrors are necessary in the bathroom, the one room in the house where many of our most intimate moments occur. We bathe and groom in the bathroom, and take care of other personal business, all made possible with help from a mirror (and other appliances.)

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Yet, mirrors are much more than glass on the wall used for grooming. Mirrors are part of the room’s aesthetics and appeal. The right bathroom mirror brings a dull, boring room to life with charm and appeal. Oval LED lighted mirrors provide the modernized update every bathroom deserves.


1.   Timeless Elegance and Appeal  

Lighted oval mirrors create timeless elegance in your bathroom. The mirrors turn an ordinary space into one of sophistication and style, a place you enjoy a little more. The illumination of the soft lighting creates a soft glow that further enhances the ambiance. Your space instantly becomes much more than a bathroom; it becomes a haven.

Adding lighted oval mirrors to your bathroom creates a beacon of comfort and relaxation.  The elegantly designed mirrors seamlessly blend into and elevate any decor, whether your bathroom has a modern or traditional design. With oval-lighted mirrors, your bathroom radiates tranquility while offering practical space for grooming.


2. Awesome Illumination 

Overhead lighting may lack adequate illumination for important grooming tasks like shaving, applying makeup, and styling hair. Oval-shaped mirrors eliminate this worry with strategically placed lighting in the most needed areas. Using an oval-shaped mirror changed the dynamics of your grooming routine. 

The strategically placed lights surrounding the mirror provide focused illumination, offering enhanced visibility and accuracy. You’ll feel confident and refreshed when you walk out of the house after using an LED-lighted mirror for grooming.


3. Space-Efficient Design 

Oval-shaped mirrors are designed for space efficiency. Available in assorted sizes, oval mirrors fit perfectly in small bathrooms and powder rooms where traditional options may appear out of place. The mirrors also work well in larger bathrooms and spaces offering limited or oddly-shaped wall space.

A beautiful oval-shaped mirror is a space-saving design for every bathroom. Whether your bathroom is small or has limited wall space, or you prefer minimal designs, the oval-shaped mirror maximizes functionality and appeal in your space.


4.  Energy-Efficient


As rising prices on necessities continue to rise, Americans look for money-saving strategies to help them get by. Installing an oval-shaped LED lighted bathroom mirror aids in your quest to save money. As an energy-efficient, long-lasting product, the bulbs consume less energy than traditional bulbs. Using LED bulbs significantly reduces your electricity bills over time.


Compared to traditional incandescent lightbulbs, LED bulbs last longer, reducing the replacements needed. Fewer bulb replacement saves money and energy; a win-win situation.


5. Added Home Value


Selling your home may not currently be on your mind, but that can change later in life. Upgrading your home now gives you a chance to enjoy the upgrades and added value later. Homebuyers want a property that is as practical as aesthetically appealing. Oval mirrors in the bathroom improve the functionality and appearance of the property, in turn increasing its value.


Furthermore, potential buyers will look twice at homes with lighted bathroom mirrors and other elevated features. Buyers appreciate homes designed with comfort in mind. Expect your home to sell quickly with maximum profit when it hits the market.


6. Dare to be Different with The Versatile Selection of Oval Bathroom Mirrors


Traditional square bathroom mirrors are dull. Upgrade to oval bathroom mirrors to revive your space for a fresh approach to style and design. Unlike traditional bathroom mirrors, the oval shape brings a fresh perspective to your room, gracing it with style and sophistication thanks to its unique shape.


Embrace change, experience the beauty and delight of oval mirrors, and enjoy an intricate distinction in your decorative style. With sleek frameless oval mirrors to those with eccentric decorative frames that complement your decor, there’s a style to suit every aesthetic.

Oval Lighted Bathroom Mirror Fast FAQ


1.    How much will an oval mirror cost?

The cost of a lighted oval bathroom mirror varies depending on the model, size, and other factors. You’ll find moderately priced and luxuriously priced mirrors for your selection.


2. How long do mirror lights last?

The typical LED lightbulb found in oval bathroom mirrors has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 burn hours. Expect nearly six years of burn time from your mirror lights.


3. Are oval mirrors difficult to install?

The oval mirrors sold by Modern Mirrors offer worry-free, easy installation. Our mirror experts can assist you through the installation process should problems arise.

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The Bathroom Upgrade Every Home Deserves


Bathroom upgrades improve aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, especially when a lighted mirror is among your improvements. The six benefits listed above only begin to define the experience you will enjoy with this addition. When you want a bathroom design that reflects individuality, uniqueness, and style while enhancing your daily routine, upgrade your space with this amazing fixture.


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