5 New MacBook Styles You Will Love

5 New MacBook Styles You Will Love

May 30, 2017

5 New MacBook Styles You Will Love

I'm sure most MacBook users will agree with me about how great the user experience is on that laptop.  Not only is it a beautiful design, it's so easy to use and navigate around.


But since everyone more or less has the same design laptop as Apple is pretty consistent in their minimalist look.  There are some additional accessories that can enhance the beauty along with the functionality of your MacBook that can help separate you from the crowd.

We've compiled a short list below: 

Leather Macbook Case

Crazy Horse Leather Felt MacBook Case

Don't ignore Etsy, as there are still a lot of great finds on there.

You can secure your MacBook and iPhone devices in with a protective leather felt by Crazy Horse


Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Laptop Dock

Connect to your laptop with ease when you have the Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Laptop Dock. Ideal for your MacBook Pro or Windows laptop, this system allows you to enhance your workspace instantly. The device plugs into your laptop using the USB-C port and provides you with all the extra ports you need.

Webcam Cover

Privoo Web Cam Cover

With crazy ISIS to North Korean hackers online.  It's best to protect yourself with Privoo webcam cover.  Privoo offers an elegant design that conceals your webcam, unlike the low budget pieces of tape you often see.  When you need to access your camera, you simply slide open the lid to reveal the lens.


Wooden Desk Stand

Wooden Laptop Stand

A nice sleek ergonomic lift wooden laptop stand always gives a good look to your desk.

Companies like woodcessories, grove made all make very nice walnut or bamboo stands that are compatible with all Apple MacBook versions.  In addition to it's stylish looks, the stand places your device at an ideal viewing height.  In the end, it's great for posture and reduction in your eye/neck strain.


Luxury Handcrafted Marble MacBook Cover

If you want something that stands out from the crowd with a luxury appeal. MIKOL produces some of the finest marble in the world.

Introducing the world's very first marble stone MacBook Cover! The early pioneers of ultra thin marble for luxury tech accessories.

Each piece is handcrafted to ensure elegance and durability. Why buy marble patterned plastic covers when you can have the real deal? Each marble piece differs due to its natural veins in the stone.

Laptop Case

Luxury Styled MacBook Pro Case

Aside from marble, leather has also been associated as a luxury material. You can also protect your new macbook pro in style with this luxurious styled macbook pro case.

This case is unique and different from what's available in the market because it also functions as a stand.

Even though it's an artificial PU leather, it still shows a nice luxury look to the case without breaking your bank.

For more such MacBook accessories, check our collection here.

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