8 Amazing Improvements to your Brain When You write Every Day

June 15, 2016

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We were all introduced to writing at an early age due to our educational system.  Teachers would force us to keep a journal whether it's English class, PE, Science, etc.  And as much as we disliked keeping a journal back then, the truth is that it built a strong and beneficial habit in all of us.  

Let's jump into the 8 amazing improvements that happen to our brain with habitual writing!

1. Natural Writing Habits

Building good habits are very important.  And once you get in the groove of writing every day, it slowly becomes more and more comfortable just like working out at the gym. Your body, your mind, the muscle memory becomes adaptive really quickly.  If you miss a day writing for any reason, you feel an emptiness and will take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again.  Or...atleast not too often.

You will slowly find more areas to try and write more, such as daily calendars, little notes, or maybe begin a blog.


2. Builds Organization Skills 

Once your habit takes place in writing in your journal everyday or taking more notes in your meetings routinely.  Writing is an art, a way to deliver a message and by doing so the writer needs to be clear expressing their ideas.

When you're writing, your brain automatically needs to organize your thoughts and deliver them in an organized manner into the journal.

This organizational skill reflects on daily activities as well, training the brain to be organized and be more efficient.

3. No More Writers Block!

You must be thinking that you have nothing to write about.  And most writers experience this awful feeling sitting down and staring at the blank pages thinking of what to write. As we know it, it's called writer's block.  This happens because we are worried of bad writing or simply just unfamiliar with this skill.  

Again, it's as if you haven't been to the gym in a long time and suddenly just came back.  You will feel a little empty in uncertainties where to start and what to do.  But over time as you "practice" regularly, you slowly ease back in and it comes natural what to do.

Same with writing as working out at the gym, practice, practice, and more practice.

Words may not flow to you at first, but just go ahead and find any topic to write.  Initially is just to get your mind and body comfortable to writing.  As this slowly becomes a habit, that writer's block will slowly fade away. Don't worry about that awkward feeling of not knowing what to write!  You will then start to clear away those cobwebs very quickly.  

Writing is much easier than getting back in physical shape ;)

4. You Will Read More.

Most writers are voracious readers, to begin with, but once you picked up these daily habits, you will crave to read more to help improve your skills or get inspiration from elsewhere.  Whether it's books, articles, blogs, magazines and so on to expand your knowledge and vocabulary to new story ideas.

Even if you don't realize it, you will probably be googling alot more on your iphone for information.

5. Your Vocabulary Will Grow.

As you continue writing and reading, this will indirectly help with your vocabulary growth as my mother always mentioned to me.

Also, when you write every day, you inevitably read more, gain more knowledge and learn much more in life.

6. You Will Become a More Eloquent Speaker

This will be an effect in thanks to your increased vocabulary along with constant immersion in the language.  All the practice of editing and restructuring of sentence will train your brain to organize them faster when speaking. 

Your basic grasp of grammar will have improved as well, which allows you speak much more proper as well.

The end result will be that through this process, you will have gained more confidence speaking.  Your audience will be much more in-tune with what you have to say as you have gradually become a good story teller.

7. You Will Build More Confidence.

Overtime as these habits are established, and as mentioned above, writing builds the "muscle of the brain" by opening your creativity flow along with organizational skills.  The thirst for knowledge becomes insatiable where you keep feeding your brain more and more information.  Then lastly, improving your speech and story telling skills when in public.

Combination of this increases confidence drastically.  When you have more knowledge than most of your peers in the room, and they are drawn into the information you deliver to them.  You will feed off this energy and not only feel confident, but continue to improve.  

Just as working out your body, the more you see results, the more you will want to see even more results and workout harder!

8. You Will Meet More People

This is where the fun begins!!

Once you start writing regularly, you will naturally want to learn more about all the skills involved to improve your writing. 

Thanks to Google, you have all the information you need at one click away and almost anywhere.  You can gather information on the subway, car ride, restaurant on your iPhone or iPad.

And with the internet you will find forums, blogs, chatrooms with people of similar interest to share stories, thoughts, ideas, etc. 

Beyond the web, there are communities, book clubs, meet up groups, which may interest you to join and meet other like minded people. Maybe you will even start one for yourself!!

You may think you are an introvert, but with the built up confidence and the results you see people being interested in what you have to say will change that.  In group settings, meeting and attracting new people will become easier and easier.


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