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What Are Some Things You Should Keep In Mind When Planning A Tomb

September 16, 2022

When planning a tomb, there are many things to keep in mind. The tomb will be a lasting memorial for your loved ones, so it is important to get it right. Here are some tips on tomb planning that will help you create a beautiful and meaningful tomb for your family.


It's essential that the grave stays protected during all seasons and all elements. The people working at know how essential it is to preserve the tomb and building a roof above it is a great way to achieve this. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing the tomb will withstand all weather conditions. 

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A well-protected tomb will stand the test of time, keeping your loved ones remains safe for generations to come. For example, you may want to consider building the tomb in a remote location or using heavy-duty materials that will deter thieves and vandals.

The Location

You want your tomb to be as accessible as possible, so the location is key. You'll want to choose a spot that's close to the entrance of the cemetery, and if you have the option, pick a sunny spot. Also, consider how easy it will be for visitors to find your tomb; you don't want it hidden away in a corner. Once you've chosen the perfect spot, make sure to get the plot registered and paid for so there are no problems down the road. 

The Headstone 

Choosing the grave marker, or headstone is the first thing you'll want to do when planning a tomb. The type of stone you choose will depend on the budget you have as well as the look you're going for. Headstones can be made from a variety of materials, including granite, marble, bronze, and even wood.

Once you've chosen the material for the headstone, you'll need to decide on the size. Headstones come in a range of sizes, from small markers that are just a few inches tall to large monuments that are several feet tall. The size of the headstone should be proportional to the size of the grave it will be placed on.


There are various inscriptions you could put on the tomb. Here are some ideas:

  • The date of death
  • A message from the deceased
  • The names of the deceased's loved ones
  • A quote or poem that was meaningful to the deceased
  • An image of the deceased
  • A symbol that represents the deceased's life or interests 

Keep in mind that inscriptions can be a way to help you plan your tomb. They can be used to communicate messages, commemorate lives, and provide comfort to those who visit the tomb. When planning your own inscriptions, consider what you would want to say or remember about your life. Choose words and images that are significant to you and will meaningfully represent your life when you're gone.

Seating Area 

Visiting a tomb can be a somber experience. You may want to have seating available so that people can sit and reflect on the life of the person who is buried there. This can be especially important if the tomb is for someone who was very important in your life.

You will also want to make sure that the seating area is large enough to accommodate all of the people who are likely to visit the tomb. This means that you will need to take into account how many people are in your family and how many of your friends are likely to visit the tomb.


It's also essential to think about decorations and how your tomb will look aesthetically. After all, you want your final resting place to be pleasing to the eye. You may want to consider things like:

  • The color scheme of the tomb
  • Any patterns or images that you want to be included
  • The type of materials you want used
  • The overall design of the tomb itself

All of these factors will come together to create the perfect aesthetic for your tomb. Keep in mind that it's important to balance practicality with aesthetics when planning your final resting place. You want it to be a beautiful space, but you also want it to function well and meet all of your needs. 

Shape And Size

You'll also want to think hard about the shape and size of the tomb. After all, this is something that you'll have to live with for the rest of eternity. You don't want to be cramped up in a small space, or have your tomb sticking out like a sore thumb. Consider the shape and size carefully before making your decision.

For example, the shape of the tomb might be dictated by the size and shape of the plot of land that you have to work with. 


A tomb should stand in the same place for eternity commemorating the deceased, so think about ways to protect it. Make sure to pick the right headstone and choose the inscriptions carefully. Build some seating areas and focus on some aesthetics to make the place look beautiful. Finally, don't forget about the shape and size of the tomb!

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