8 winter wardrobe essentials for men

8 winter wardrobe essentials for men

December 11, 2019

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Poolside chill sessions;

Beach days;

Chilled beverages….no more await you.

It’s time for Reindeers, and Secret Santa Surprises. Oh yeah how can we forget, the season clock tells you:

“Add some chicness to your wardrobe.”

Winters are unapologetic and unforgiving.

Long nights and spells of cold and dry wind do not exactly sound like an exciting prospect. However, it is easy to lose sight of this sense of wonder.

All you need is a little shift in perspective to realize that winter is the most beautiful time of the year.

Winter is the time to delve in comfort, indulge in delicious food, good reads, and meaningful chats with a loved one beside the fire.

The air is intoxicated with holiday spirit. The snow lays a blanket atop everything like frosting on a cake.

In the words of Terri Guillemets, "The color of springtime is flowers; the color of winter is in our imagination."

Now that winter is here in all its grandeur; it is time to sort out some winter wardrobe-essentials. When it comes to wintertime dressing, everyone’s obvious priority is not to get hypothermia.

Unfortunately, fashion and comfort rarely walk hand in hand. They are like two distant cousins who only see each other occasionally at family events.

You want relations to be cordial, but circumstances are less than ideal, and things do not seem to work out.

So, how do you make the two get along?

This is where we come in to help.

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Let us first introduce you to the winter style starter kit, which includes layering, deep hues, thick fabrics, and pronounced textures – far from boring, contrary to popular opinion.

  • Jeans

“Dark jeans and Nike’s look at you…”

Yeah, Tailor Swift already approved of jeans, why don’t you?

You can never go wrong with the basics. Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

They create the foundation that bases the rest of your outfit. Durable, functional, and supremely versatile, jeans are ideal for all year round wear.

  • For the winter season, a pair of black and blue jeans is essential. You can mix and match them with basically everything in your closet and look like a boss.
  • For a casual day out, sport them with a button-down shirt, a cardigan, and a pair of chukka boots or with an oversized hoodie and your favorite sneakers.
  • For a night out, keep it classy by pairing them with a blazer, a button-down shirt, and oxford shoes, or go all out with a studded leather jacket, a white tee, and some edgy boots.
  • Leather Jackets

Unapologetically bold yet deliciously chic, leather jackets never fail to impress.

Perhaps, Leather jackets are one of the most versatile items of clothing a man can own.

They are the trusty friend in your life that you can always count and fall back on without a second thought.

Having one of those days when you do not know what to wear?

Our advice is to keep it simple and throw on a leather jacket.

Leather jackets come in an array of styles that flatter all shapes and sizes. They are available in every color imaginable, and you can wear them to any social setting. Moreover, they are excellent for layering in case the temperature drops. What’s not to love about them?

Whether it is a casual day out running errands or a night out about town with the boys or perhaps a date with a special someone, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket.

We all have a favorite leather jacket style that we identify with best.

  • If you like to keep it chic and trendy, a leather bomber jacket is the one for you.
  • If your style leans towards the edgier side of the spectrum, there is nothing sexier or more badass than a leather biker jacket.
  • If you want to keep it sleek and simple, the leather moto jacket is your perfect match.

For those looking for a real head-turner, try your luck with a fringed or studded number.

Regardless of your pick, one thing is a given – wherever you go, all eyes will be on you.

Wool Overcoat

  • Wool Overcoats

What is winter without overcoats even?

Overcoats are the ultimate winter accessory. Their form-fitting silhouette drapes effortlessly and flatters all shapes and sizes.

Their versatility knows no bounds, for they add the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble ranging from a three-piece suit to worn-out jeans and a tee.

While overcoats do not come cheap, they are worth the hefty price tag. An authentic investment piece, an overcoat, will last you for years.

If you are looking for a neutral piece that will work well with a myriad of outfits, we suggest opting for bold colors like black, charcoal, navy, or camel.

For those who wish to explore other more fun options, you can experiment with bright colors like electric blue, deep maroon, or emerald green.

Do you like prints and patterns? If yes, a plaid overcoat is a fantastic pick.

mens coat

  • Boots

Boots were designed to combat the cold. The key to staying warm is ensuring that your hands and toes are covered.

While boots are warm, sturdy, durable, and comfortable, what makes them unique is their style.

Boots come in an array of designs. Some are elegant and sophisticated such as ankle boots, Chelsea boots, and chukka boots. Others are bold and beautiful, like jodhpurs or military lace-up boots. Depending on your style preference, you can choose your favorite. Pair them with any outfit from a sweater, casual jeans, and a tee to a suit. Rest assured, you will look dapper.

  • Sweaters

Imagine! Snuggling under a blanket next to the heater with a hot cup of cocoa.

Sounds so dreamy, right?

Unfortunately, walking around wrapped in a blanket is far from practical. This is where sweaters come in. Sweaters feel like a hug – warm and endearing.

Whether you like a zip-up sweater, an oversized jumper, or a sophisticated cardigan, sweaters look great on everyone. Moreover, they are ideal for layering and complement an extensive range of outfits.

  • Zip-up sweaters look best with a classic button-down shirt, a warm turtleneck, or a comfy long-sleeve tee.
  • Oversized jumpers are super trendy and work best when paired with a plain tee, jeans, and sneakers.
  • As for cardigans, they work brilliantly well with everything ranging from crisp dress shirts and tailored pants to casual jeans and t-shirts. You can layer them under a leather jacket, a wool overcoat, or even a trench coat. Just make sure that your cardigan has the right fit.
  • Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are iconic. They scream posh sophistication.

Contrary to popular opinion, turtlenecks are everything but basic and boring. They look fantastic on their own or when layered or paired with other pieces.

Sport your turtleneck over a pair of jeans and sneakers for the ultimate winter comfy look or dress it up with tailored pants and elegant oxfords. Turtlenecks work exceptionally well with blazers and coats, which makes them perfect for formal gatherings as well.

Who would have thought?

Stock up your winter wardrobe with a selection of neutral-toned turtlenecks to get through the season in style.

Our favorite picks are black, charcoal, burgundy, navy, green, and classic white – you can never go wrong with them.


  • Accessories

Accessories are the tools you need to dress up or dress down any look.

Every accessory serves a purpose and adds a unique element of its own to your ensemble. When it comes to men’s accessories, the options are somewhat limited.

For the wintertime, you must have three essential accessories in your arsenal – scarves, gloves, and hats.

While some consider scarves feminine, they are everything but. Scarves are an excellent accessory that you can use to breathe life into your outfit.

Whether you wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose, scarves always add a hint of sophistication and elegance to your outlook.

Gloves are a necessity to keep your hands from frostbite. Woolen gloves are great, but if you are looking for a more stylish option, we highly recommend investing in a pair of versatile soft leather gloves to keep your hands toasty and warm.

There is no better season to sport hats than in the wintertime. Whether it is a classic fedora, a trendy baseball cap, or a comfortable beanie, headwear can transform your look. Suave and sophisticated yet warm and cozy, hats are great for trapping heat and keeping you warm.

  • Flannel Shirts

Flannel is the fabric of the season. This casual number flatters a range of clothing options and looks dapper on everyone.

Pair your flannel shirt with jeans and a plain t-shirt for a relaxed look or perhaps with chinos and an overcoat for a classy touch. Flannel looks best in darker tones.

Our favorites for the season are classic deep red, vibrant navy blue, and mossy bottle green.

  • Parting Thoughts

Changing seasons call for a change in wardrobe. However, a shift in wardrobe does not mean you start from scratch.

Winter fashion is all about layering. Mix and match your everyday staples to create a customized look daily. These essentials are the perfect hybrid of warmth and comfort.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Up your style game this season and get ready to walk the streets as if they are your runway.


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